Secondary water barrier

Whats the homeowners insurance discount savings per year if they go with this option?

Not saying there isn’t one,.,but it is news to me.Do you mean synthetic with an additional or visa versa ?

Its part of a “Wind mitigation form” issued to floridians from their home owners insurance company.
Its part of 9 questions. “Secondary water barrier” is the self adheared ice/water sheild on the entire roof only. Its one of the questions that has an affect on lowering your insurance rate.

I also would like to know the answer to the question. I dont think anyone knows because its all on a sliding scale between all 9 questions. Its a question only an insurance agent with each insurance company could answer. Maybe a florida home owner insurance forum?? lol

Florida law requires all residential property insurance companies to provide hurricane insurance premium discounts for certain fixtures and construction techniques, which have been demonstrated to reduce windstorm losses, including discounts for houses that meet minimum provisions of the Florida Building Code. Houses built after 1994 in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties and houses built after 2002 in the rest of the state have many wind resistive construction features and will likely qualify for credits. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation adopted specific percentages to be used for reducing the premium when a house meets specific standards. Insurance companies may use different percentages only if they can show by use of studies that different percentages are reasonable.

Insurance companies are dropping S. Fla., claiming lost profits due to the rebates. :doubt:

To answer your question, I guess you call the Floriduh! Office Of Insurance Regulation. Good luck!