See IBC R905.2.5 regarding fastening

Shingle fasteners must be nails. That’s MUST. Staples were disallowed by all codes in 2003. Our state code, the International Building Code, everyone. Some shingle manufacturers say they strongly recommend nails some say do not use staples. When there is a difference between entities ‘rules’ the most restrictive shall apply. Any ‘roofer’ that uses staples today qualifies for the supreme dypshyt Cowboy :cowboy_hat_face: award.

Every post you make reinforces what a dipshit you are and you bring nothing to this site. All you are doing is trolling and you’re not even smart enough to follow along. I’ll try all caps: WE TEAR OFF ROOFS WITH STAPLES AND MOST OF THEM ARE AT LEAST 20 YEARS OLD, WE DO NOT USE STAPLES ON INSTALLATION. Go back to your brokeback mountain nightmares, where you got jilted and developed resentment towards cowboys. I’m ignoring you the rest of the way. If you haven’t learned anything in 44 years you won’t now.