Self adhesive modified

I am curous if anyone has had much experieince with a self adhesive modified cap sheet, e.i. Mule Hide.

How well does it adhere to the base sheet?
Do you have issues with it fish mouthing?
Is it faster than torch, cold, or hot mop?
How does it perform long term?
How does minor ponding affect the materials?
How does it perform when used with flashing or cant strip?
How easy is it to repair?
Are sealing penetrations more difficult or easier than other methods of application (torch, cold, mop)?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

you should never apply a modified cap sheet on a roof that holds water.
every job i do when i look at it i determine what should be used as far
as flat work goes they are all different .
i would do a built up roof smooth top if you did not want to correct it

polyurea can withstand ponding water indefinitely.

For @ least a 1:12 I am using the CertainTeed FlintLastic products. FlintLastic S/A base, S/A Cap, FlintPrime liquid priimer (~5 sq per gallon) & FlintBond cement for the seams.

On rare occasions I may suggest the mid-cap but for the most part it’s a 2 ply (one sq per top cap, two sq per base sheet).

I have two very similar projects I recently completed & will post a thread about it once I finish uploading the pics to my PhotoBucket acct.