Sell water reed bundles

Youngsun Water Reed Co.,Ltd.
Youngsun water reed co.,ltd. locates at Wudi town,Binzhou city,shandong province,china.Our company established in June,1999.we are a professional growers of water reed in china.our have technical worker more 50 persons.our high quality reeds main use in traditional thatching roof in Europe ,Now our water reeds had exported to Europe!if you have any questions pls do not hesitate send mail to us.

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Zhang Qi

How much $ per sq. ( 100 sq. ft. )

Lol Dennis. Gonna sell thatch roofs instead of copper now? I went to see the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA while I was there doing some roofing work and I was standing outside the ship and there was a mural. It was a HUGE mural, for a whole wall. Anyway, I spotted a roofer from those days in the picture and tried to figure out what he was doing exactly. Shoulda seen the chimney, no flashing whatsoever! :smiley:

Dear sirs,
Our water reed price is :USD1.15/BUNDLE FOB QINGDAO,CHINA
REED BUNDLE diameter:20cm
reed length:150–210cm


Plus shipping and handling from china lets not forget. And it should take about 3 months to get where its going by then. Dennis what on earth are you going to do with hut roofing materials?


Thatched roofing is made and availble in the US. It is fire and wind rated.

If I remember correctly. Disney world is a big purchaser of thatched roofs.

Dear Sir.

I am very interested can you send me a sample of your finest weed…I mean reed?

Thanks Shingle

we can send any samples of water reed to you,would you send a e-mail to me?


we can offer any samples for you,pls send e-mail to me