Sewer/drain pipe leaking at boot

We have been getting alot of rain this weekend in kansas city and my wife noticed a wet spot in our bathroom ceiling. I went in the attic and found a big pvc type pipe going up through the roof with water coming down it(dripping). The wood around it is dry so that made me feel better. The water is actually leaking right where the boot meets the pipe. I moved the pipe up and down and there was a nice yellow ring where it must have had moisture before. I tried to silicone it from underneath to hold it over since the rain will not stop for me to get on the roof? How can I fix this my initial thought was to take a screw driver pry the rubber back at the top of the pipe and put a small bead os silicone around it. The house is 7yrs old so I would think I can avoid replacing it.

Hey Kevin Faulk,

I just want to forwarn you - your about to get a rude reply from an unhappy roofer because you are not a professional roofer and you are trying to use this site for what it is intended for! unreal!

clean the area 1st then seal the juncture w/silicone or elastomer sealant,they make a pipe cover that extends down over the neoprene gasket of the pipevent flashing also,generally its not a great idea to seal a roof from underneath--shinglehitter dont give up your day job–the psychic friends deal isn`t working out!

Go up top and see if thr rubber is not sealing around the pipe and look for cut on the rubber silicone or mastic it if problems reoccurs get a new pipe jack and fix it right make sure you have a 2 in for a 2 inch and someone just had a 3 inc and flew with it.

7 years is about it for pipe boots. It was installed on your roof because it was cheap. The builder did not care about quality, as everybody wants cheap.

Replace it with a lead flashing and this problem will not return.

You could also get shinglehitter out to explain it for free.

thanks I have come to conclusion I probably should replace it since the I could push the pipe up and down through the boot. My next step is to find a local roof company to help me out. Does anyone know what an estimate cost is for that?

go on your roof and caulk the top from the outside.but be carefull as the sudden stop can hurt.

my resi repairs start at 350 bucks and carry a one year warranty.

thanks for all the replies I got lucky and got it fixed today. It came to 280 bucks and both the collars were totally cracked and torn so it was a good thing the rain brought the leaking to my attention.

Very good. :slight_smile:

For about $25.00 we make a variety of EPDM storm collars that can slide over the tope of the waste pipe and counter flash the old neoprene combo flashings. Our storm collars are secured in plase using stainless steel hose clamps, so they will stay in place forever.

1.5" and 2.0" PVC, ABS, or cast iron stink pipes no problem.

More info: … ollar.html