Sheathing around live electrical service pole?

What’s the conventional wisdom when it comes to sheathing around a live electrical service pole? Use a partial sheet of OSB either side of it with a notch out of one, or do you generally get the utility to disconnect so you can drop a full sheet down over it.

Use a notch with two sheets, but make sure you have bracing where necessary.

i had this, problem the other day. kinda worrys me working around these things. im no electrician. id get it shut off maybe not sure how much that would cost?

We just had one the other day,that one of the guys was working around.He bumped the wires,KABAAP,big spark show!In my 25 odd yrs roofing never seen that,and have worked around some pretty old services.(this one was new)Anyway,we called the hydro company, they sent some one right out to fix then saftey cover them for us.

^ I was thinking I might cover it with a plastic tub or bucket (one without a metal handle, of course), notched out so it will slip over the wires. I don’t know if I can’t count on my helpers to be as careful around it as I intend to be.

The electric company will probably come out to detach and reset for free, you just need to schedule it.

What Axiom said.

Just an fyi it’s an OSHA violation to work within 10’ of the electrical. That is, if you’re worried about such things.

If we need a temporary power relocation, this particular utility (city owned) charges $1100-$1450 for said service. Yikes!

$450 to get hydro turned off and then on again up here. Just be careful.

Ah, better news! I called the utility today instead of assuming that we needed a full relocation for the duration of the job, and I think we can get by with a temporary service disconnect while we at least get the plywood down and a new flashing dropped over it. Heck we may even be able to call them out a second time while we shingle and then set the flashing, if we wanted to be super safe.

Cost, oddly, is free if you give them zero notice by calling them the day it’s needed, but $75 a go if you request it in advance???