Shimming a roof

I am curious how roof shimming is done. I saw one guy put plywood sheets on a sag but did not see it complete, I think he put a 1/2 sheet on and was going to put a thinner one and extend it further but did not see it how this was done just that he said it is the only easy way for him to straighten her roof a bit. I did see it when it was done and it looked much better.

how is this done??

Salesguy at the roof supply company said roofers sometimes shim with shingles, are these new ones or used and if so how is that done, do they just stack one two or three and sort of overlap so there is no lump on the edges.



most roofers dont shim. it usually creates bigger problems.

i concur. I dont deal with settling. Its always a big jar of worms.

I think you are bitting off more than you can chew doing that. If the sag is that noticable and bothers you that much then i suggest to get a few framers out there to re-truss the roof and it will go away. There is not a quick fix for that type of damages.

way more than I can chew. Put myself through hell and in the end produce a good honest result and learn alot in the process. Does not matter what craft it is. I am sure one day that will change but for now I remain the same.

I have raised the garage roof and the front of the home is straight in both dimensions at this point.

A carpenter told me last night that he felt sorry for me whoever did not put the hips to the corner that is cause that is the reference, he said he always put the hips first then lined up all the rafters to the two outside hips, I have fudged it, acrtually brought both down from siting them straight cause that is what seemed to me to line up best to the string from side to side of the home.

Rain today but will start on a side tomorrow.

As far as shimming, I saw it started and I saw the finished roof and it was light years better than before. Wish I had seen the whole thing. What was done was not the big deal you guys are making it out to be, I undertsand what you are saying cause with all of this you change one thing and it changes three other things then you end up chasing your tail. A one man roofer with 20 years experience doing very good quality work, put up sheets of plywood in some size and order and took a large wow out or reduced it so it barely showed, of course there is a method to the sizing, stacking and thickness of the sheets he used.

The wood soffit on this home stuck out past the rafter ends which means my facia will start out it’s new life with pressure to make it cup so had to cut the soffit back, then once the rafters were made straight taking the big bow out I had to cut it more soffit back.

It will be replaced next year, right now as a wise many said I have more than enough to chew.