Shingle 1/2" over drip edge or flush with it?

Hi, sometimes I’ve read to place the starter shingles and shingles ~1/2" over the drip edge. Other times I’ve read you can put them flush with the drip edge as long as you are using a drip edge that extends out like model F5. What’s the best practice?



1/2" or 3/4" past the F-5 drip.

Putting it flush works most of the time.

Hanging the shingle past works everytime.

Alot of guys like flush because leaning a ladder won’t beat on the shingles. I kinda like 1/4 because it seems to make a nice looking rake.

With no overhang, the drip edge controls the drip line, so you’ll be good to go either way.

We always give it 1 in all the way around.

Same here.

get standoffs if you don’t want your ladder damaging your roof. Also, if you go flush and don’t nip the top corners you stand the risk of water tracking along the top edge of a shingle,water is lazy like electricity, don’t give it a reason to go anywhere but down the roof to the gutter.


Never flush…Most of your questions can be answered by purchasing a bundle of shingles,and reading the recommended method of installation…
Every one has a method that they prefer, but you can’t go wrong if you follow the manufacturers instructions.
Personally I hang 3/4" on rakes,and 1" on eaves…use starter shingles(soldier coarse),and cut rakes 1/8" less the starter so it looks good from the ground.
You can also go to web site,and watch instructional videos…