Shingle a 2/12 roof?

I need some advice for my Mom’s roof.After a poorly installed roofing job by a contractor, we had to get estimates from several roofing companies but are getting different answers. She used to have a torchdown roof. The contractor put shingles on, which some are telling us is not a good idea as it is a 2/12. Some have said it is even against Washington State code and should only be on 3/12 or more sloped roofs. My Mom’s very leary now, after having been shafted by the contractor. Nail heads are exposed between the shingles, which I have been told may not be a big deal. In rainy Seattle, I can’t believe that over time, that won’t cause a leak. We have already had leaks around the skylight and several other probs I won’t mention. Please give me some advice. Rainy season is already here! Thanks in advance!

2:12 With shingles is not against Washington State Code.

It’s against NATIONAL codes.

Now, there will be a little bit of argument form a few crackpots on here, but NO NO NO. Do not put shingles on this low slope of a house.


Thanks for input. She is thinking of just repairing problem spots and leave shingles which I think is a big mistake.Prob is, some of the roofers she spoke with said the shingles look ok.Is that true if there are exposed nail heads?

She also has had a big price margin for torchdown. Some companies won’t even do torchdown. I don’t know exact square footage (1800-2000sq/ft?), but what would you think is appropriate price? What do you recommend?

No shingles please. peal and stick might be a better way since it will have a residential warratny on the product from failing. reason why i said that is i have a old customer with a torndown i did and somehow the material had a problem. Well it is leaking and it is being handled right now. hey not bad for 5 years on a 5 year material. I forget what mil it was it is just had it.

The product im talking aobut is flintlastic. When installed with 3 ply it will last on average 15 years and carries the 15 year warranty on it.

Nails heads are never a good thing. Start the job over and do it correctly. Go after the company that did the roof wrong and make them deal with it. Call a city inspector he might be able to pursuade them into oing the job.

I 100% agree with what GTP said, but with better spelling. :wink: LoL

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Now, there will be a little bit of argument form a few crackpots on here, but NO NO NO. Do not put shingles on this low slope of a house.[/quote]

I got a little chuckle out of that. :smiley:
Sound advice.

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I agree with GTP and the others … you should never shingle anything under 3/12 . That was very wrong of your contractor especially since their is no warranty now for you . How big is your house or that area where it’s 2/12 . Who would design a pitch like that in rainy seattle ?


There is a way to do it. Sometimes for looks it is done. Maybe I will just keep that trick since you guys have already decided it can not be done. It is really funny to see the posts that put down a method that is proven to work. I can do it. Most can not. Does not mean it can not be done.

I am sure these guys did not do it from what you posted.

If you only think about the warranty this can mislead you. Since you will not get much from a warranty.

“There is a way to do it. Sometimes for looks it is done. Maybe I will just keep that trick since you guys have already decided it can not be done.”

Big difference between can not and should not my man. Just because you can hot mop an entire house and make it float doesn’t make it right. Jeez.

easy there ranch hand.
its not against florida roofing code.
we in tampa bay have 2/12 roofs with shingles on them all over the place.

but yes you should have stayed with torchdown.
it does perform better on that slope.

if you got the money you may want to go back with torchdown, cause tryin to fix your shingle roof
may take forever.
it takes a real good roofer to make shingles work on
that slope.


m with lefty on this one.We have installed many roofs with shingles on a 2/12 pitch. Never got called back on them either. Also manufacturers approve the shingles from 2/12 pitch up.If their installed right it works.

WOW, I never knew there was a national roofing code. LOL. But there is an ARMA manual that will instruct you how to install shingles on a 2:12 slope, but I have to agree with the above post, CertainTeed Flintlastic self-adhered modified. But it is only a 12 year material warranty. 15 year warranties are only available for commercial apps.

Codes are minimum requirements…

Certainteed and GAF make low slope systems that are specifically designed for residential low slopes.
Why do they do this?
Because it is needed, it is allowed by the manufacturers to apply shingles on a 2\12 but it is not recommended.
There is a special installation method for this slope and if your roofer follows it everything will “probably” be alright.
The idea is to apply a roof for the customer that will not fail prematurly, to do this with confidence on a 2\12 requires a low slope material.
Sometimes it is a good idea to use your common sense and exceed code requirments.
Who wants a callback on something like shingles on a 2\12, you can’t fix it…
It will need to be removed and replaced, if it doesn’t work.
Why take the chance?

I have shingled 2\12’s in the past and will probably do more in the future.
It is not something I like to do but some people just don’t listen, or think that they know more about roofing than I do.

Use a high quality Ice & water shield (Grace or wintergaurd HT), cover the entire low slope with the Ice & Water shield.
You need to have good ventilation for this.
Use a high quality felt (roofer’s select or shinglemate), Half lap the felt so that you get double coverage.
The Ice & Water shield and felt need to be installed in such a way as to be flat to the roof deck, no wrinkles or bubbles.
Use non-corrosive fasteners, standard coil nails will rust.
I have a box of stainless steel coil nails for this kind of stupid stuff, and they are expensive - $220 for a half box (3600 nails).
If you are using architectural shingles you need to seal the seams in the shingles with tar, a good idea for 3-tabs also.
If you have any walls, valleys, or penetrations in the field of the 2\12 these require special attention also.
If you follow these installation tips it will work.
But that doesn’t make it right…

One more tip. This is very important. If you are going to use a laminated shingle. ONLY use Malarkey. This is extremely important. Their shingles are designed to eliminate “cupping”. Cupping is your worst enemy on anything below a 4/12 pitch. Check their website, their the only ones with this design.