Shingle certification

We were thinking of buying into the GAF roof certification program that they run.
I believe its like $500.00 for the year, is it worth it?
It is a nice attribute to have and present to your customers but I have reservations.
Anyone belong?


After you’re signed up you can use that $500 towards advertising or apperal.

Always yelling.

I dont think its worth it. What do I know i was the first GAF ME contractor in my state back in 97. I think it was 97 anyway. I have my own warranty and really dont need to sell them the moon so GAF can make more money.

Are you selling and installing gafelk shingles today?
on a regular basis?

1st rate, do they let you put that 500 towards advertis and apparel?
They didnt mention that to me, they did say you would get 7 vouchers back for $70.00 each for each warranty that you sold. I guess you can use it to sell te job, give the consumer more for their money and you do get your money back in vouchers throughout the year

Yes, I think there shingles are the best on the market with maybee the exception or equivellent of some of the certainteed speacilty shingles.

back a few years ago gaf wanted 2800. to certifey me. i sait thanks but no thanks. i wasnt gona pay them to push there shingles. certainteed is top dog here, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the money can be used on several things. Speak to your local GAF ELK rep. I just used mine for the year for apperal.

how do you go about being certified for certainteed?

For Certainteed or GAF certification you need to contact your local sales rep. we are GAF ME and we have Master Select as well. Personally I like both shingles but we had bad luck with Certainteed. Certainteed enhanced warranty is not that great anyway.Hey RoofMax What exactly Certainteed has to offer more?

So let me see if I have this right:

GAF “charges” you for the privilege of making them money by pushing their products…

…then they’ll stand behind their product more if they have your $500…

…which you get back by “selling” warranties?

I feel like a tourist in Egypt right now.
It’s very pyramid schemish to me.

Whatever happened to just standing behind your product?