Shingle courses

I was doing a roof inspection yesterday and noticed the neighbors new roof. There is an obvious line in the middle of the slope where it seems the the shingle course above was overlapped too much. I also see over exposed courses.

Is there a technical term for this? Slang term? Just sloppy installation?

A “short” or “cheater” course. I see no reason to have one there though.


His courses went all funky and he stopped and chalked a line to catch up. He should have chalked 3 lines and taken a little at a time. Looks like a homeowner job. The short course is just ugly, won’t hurt anything. If a contractor over exposed those courses on my house I’d make them redo it. Manufacturer would not warranty blow offs.

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Not to mention both heat stacks and ever plumbing flashing is shingle wrong!

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Code in Florida to do them like that. Bedded in monkey poo too.

Florida requires that you shingle over the bottom of flashings? I know they like to embed everything in mastic along the coastal areas, but find it hard to believe the actually mandate flashings be improperly installed. We worked Ivan in 2005 in Pensacola and the city didn’t make us do this crazy stuff. Must have changed.

The “logic” is so wind cant get under the downhill part of the flange. I think it looks wrong too. Glad I don’t roof in Fla.

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The technical term is “Paid by the square”.

My guys get paid by the square and their work is totally clean. They can hack it up to try and make a few extra bucks, ending in a quick termination from a good job, or they can do clean work and stay employed with a good company. They have wisely chosen the latter. All of our roofers were trained within the company from the start and we hire NO supposedly experienced roofers. Works for us.

Every experienced roofer I’ve hired got retrained. I got the best and fastest roof work by paying hourly with bonus. By the square got hurried work, flat roofs are proven from the first rain…