Shingle exposure

I have a question in regards to shingle exposure. Would it be appropriate to roof a low sloped pitch with shingles if you used a 4 inch exposure?

wouldn’t this void the manufacturer’s installtion instructions and therefore voide their warranty?

thats one of the ways it was done way back when… it depends on your weather conditions alot, ps there are a lot of low slope products out there that dont require a lot of special equipment or training to install :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on the type of material and what the pitch is. You can move the exposure of three tab shingles down to that because the seal tab is on the lower shingle. Also three tabs are better for lower slope applications then dimensional shingles are. you also can lower the exposure of dimensional shingles as the seal strip is on the above shingle. When you lower the seal tab where it is about the raised and lowered portions(dimensional portion) of the single you will prevent it from securing like its intended and im sure this will void warranty. Nothing below 3/12 should be shingled but 2 1/2 can be gotten away with. I always use ice and water shield with any applications under 4/12.

An overlooked part of the equation is this. A 4" tab won’t flex in the wind and break off like a 5" tab. A 3" tab probably won’t flex at all, sealed or not. The less exposure, the less dependant on the seal strip it is.
A 7-1/2" Slateline will flop like nobody’s business.

good point tinner most people dont believe that 3 tabs are supposed to fold over instead of blowing completely off,if there installed right :smiley:

its just an old idea to increase the headlap. now you just I&W shield the whole low sloped area and shingle it regular. don’t shingle under a 2/12 pitch though no matter whjat.

put em as low as u want to.
but i do have alot of roofs around me over 20
yrs old that are run at normal exsposure.
they are just fine.


If it starts flapping in the wind no matter whether its 4 inches or 5 its gonna blow off.

The main question here is what is the pitch?

Does it have another higher pitched roof flowing into it? Try Mule-Hide self adhering mod-bit we use it on all our low slope stuff and it works really good!

The house next to my current project has Malarkeys that were put on with what looks to be a 4" exposure or smaller. On a 7/12 I guess it’s a great way to maximise squares.

As most have said…the pitch is the deciding factor on weather you can install the shingles.

2nd…I can not find packaging or website instructions that allow you to lower your exposure on the shingles, the 4 inch exposure will probably void your warranty.

As others have said…3-tab is better than laminates on any pitch lower that 4/12 pitch.

Lastly…if your plywood is sagging (lower than the truss), then water will move sideways at the keyways. This may allow water to enter the structure…therefore causing a leak point.

“3-tab is better than laminates on any pitch lower that 4/12 pitch”.

such a good quote needs to be repeated.

who is this Roofer Gee?
were from?

I am a roofer and am in the seattle area.