Shingle price check

just seeing what you guys are paying. here in florida,

landmark 30yr $69.90
landmark 50yr $90.00
timberline 30yr. $72.70
timberline 50 yr $87.90

timberline nat shadow: 75
timberline high def: 83
CT landmark 30: 82.50
50s are like 115 for either

$88.50 for Landmark
$55.99 for Winterguard 2sq rolls
$45.99 for Roofer Sellect
$45.99 for Accesory Ridge

Don’t buy any other shingles so have no idea what the others go for.

$72.00 for Timberline 30YR
$73.50 for OC Oakridge
$75.75 for OC Duration

I am paying about 10 dollars more per square for all of these.

Same here roofny. Gaf/Elk Timberlines are $28.50 per bundle & Owens Cornings are $28.50 per bundle. Damn IKOs are even two or three dollars more per bundle. So around $90 per sq. here in N.H… The only good thing is no sales tax here.

We’re paying $69 to $74 per square depending on which manufacturer and location for 30 Year Architectural. 3 tab are $60 to $63 per square.

Wow A.D.! Where do you live? I havent seen prices like that around here in four or five years!

We have offices in Indiana and Alabama. I believe in both cases, most of the major shingle manufacturers have plants within a few hundred miles which certainly helps the costs. We also mostly consolidate our purchasing with one vendor in each location to maximize our volume discount. We also pay for everything up front when we order it, I’m pretty sure that helps as well.