Shingle roof : Start to bulge under - Quick fix?

Hello everyone,

English isn’t my main language so sorry if there are some weird sentences, I will try my best to be as clear as possible.

I have bought a house last year, and it’s a shingle roof.

Recently, when I checked the roof, I started to see something bulging under my shingle near the edge. Something like that :

Because it’s not 100% flat near the edge anymore, water will be stored there during rain (instead to fall off the edge).

There is water stain only outside the house and not inside, since it’s on the border of the roof.

We have already asked some contractors to check but instead to give us solution for this problem, they propose to change all the roof (I’m not 100% confident if they are really trying to help us or if they are just scammers since they just took a quick glance on the edge then left)

Does someone know why it’s bulging under the shingle ? (We didn’t try to open and check under since we never had a shingle roof before)

And is it something I can do to fix it ? It doesn’t need to be perfect; I would just like to avoid changing the roof yet. People next door said that the shingle has ~11 / 12 years old.

We thought about putting a protective covers on the edge or something like that.

Many thanks

Here is a picture when it’s raining :

Don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’ve got rotten roof deck.

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I see, so there is really no hope and I need to replace all my roof then ?

Can I still left like that for 1 ~ 2 years or do I need to change as quickly as possible ?

What would be the consequences if I just put a protective cover for now ? (One day, roof would collapse if I’m not careful ?)

Like I said, I just bought the house, so the budget is still tight for changing all the roof :frowning:

Many Thanks for your help

You may not necessarily have to replace the entire roof however I’d recommend looking at your budget and seeing what you can move around and replace the roof as soon as financially able. The only fix for a rotten deck is replacing the affected area. It’s only going to get worse causing an already stressful situation to get worse along with it. Something to be mindful of if you decide to only replace part of the roof now and the others later is the possibility of the current shingles being deteriorated to the point that you damage more by the patch attempt than you were prepared for. Sometimes just walking on a shingled roof that’s on poor condition can create a never ending problem with leaks you didn’t need until the roof is replaced completely. I’d say there’s a reputable roofing contractor or two in your area that can assist with offering financing options to ease that burden you wasn’t expecting if thats an avenue you wanted to consider

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Many thanks for your advises. It really help a lot.

We will try to start saving to replace the whole roof from now then.

We have a last question : our roof is a low pitch roof (Maybe this is why the roof deck has rotten so quickly), What would be the best material if we need to replace the roof?

Should we still replace it by Shingle again (since its cheaper so we can replace it sooner) or should we wait a bit longer to save for a more expensive materiel (like metal roof)?

There are good and bad for just about all roofing material available, however I don’t believe your roof pitch is the cause of your problem from the picture you posted. There’s so many reasons that could cause water infiltration and ultimately serious damage and repair costs. Without being there to get eyes on id not be able to help other than speculation which doesn’t help you I know.
It’s important to find a roofing contractor in your area that can assist with choosing a good quality roof material that will better fit your specific needs and situation.
One last thing regardless of what you decide it’s not going to last if it’s not installed correctly per the manufacturers written instructions. Can’t say that enough. Because it happens all the time a roof fails 10 or 15 years premature from an installation error. Cheaper isn’t always better. And without a quality roof your home will suffer more than most realize.

The low pitch, 3 tab, woven valley is the cause FWIW. You could seal all the shingles in the valley, but the trapped moisture won’t stop rotting your deck and rafters. What part of the country are you in?

No, in my opinion the roof is not 11-12 years old.
Nor do i think the roof has 11 or 12 years left of age.
This roof is past its age of life.
The roof sheeting is rotted out across 3 trusses than we can see.
The shingles indicate that they are old.

I dont know where you are located
But You must have paid cash,
Because around here NO mortgager would give you a loan on that house without a new roof.
That roof is past its useful age.

That roof deck has a LOT more roof rot than you think. It has a lot more than You currently see.

If you put one foot up there, you would fall right through.
You need to take the advice of your local roofers that this roof is unrepairable.


Thank you for your responses.

We are planning to seal all the shingles near the edge with bituminous waterproofing membrane until we are able financially to replace the roof. What do you think about this temporary solution ?

My house is located in Paris.

I really don’t believe anything short of replacing the damage will do much good for any length of time or that your needing to plan for.
Ultimately it’s going to continue to deteriorate as time goes on and could cause significant problems in addition to what you already have. I do hope everything gets better for you and your able to get everything fixed without any more issues.

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Looks like it’s been leaking for quite a while, need to tear it off and replace the rotted sheeting and put a new roof on it