Shingle selection help on 65 square job

I would greatly appreciate some expert feedback regarding shingle selection. Here is my situation, I have a house and out building that combined will need about 65 squares. The contractor I am using has an excellent reputation and I do like how he has taken care of me so far. I know a couple high end builders that use him and they both recommended him.

Now to my delime… The contractor has strongly recommended CertainTeed Landmark, which I would love to go with but I frankly dent care for the color selection. I am planing on installing 30 yr. laminated. I have spend days looking at roof on other homes and found a color that my wife and I like. The roof is Tamko aged wood. My builder tells me he will install tamko but he hasn’t had great luck with the shingle in the past and stopped using several years ago due to poor customer warranty response.

I live in Ohio and would expect to get some strong winds over the next 20+years and want to put a shingle on that can go the distance. Can I get some feedback on Tamko and what the general feeling is regarding quality as compared to Certainteed? Is there a big difference?

Thank you for the feedback…

Definetly certainteed over tamko.

See, you will get different opinions.

I like the Tamko Heritage as much or more than the LandMarks, not as much because I feel there is a quality difference, but due to the broader color palette to choose from.



Never had any problems with Tamko.

I have never installed the Tamko Heritage so can’t comment on how they lay. What I do know is they have some very attractive colors.

Last Fall I tore off a Tamko 40 year laminate at year 10 and the laminates fell apart as we tore the shingles off and a lot of the nails were rusty. Of course there were issues with the old venting system which could have caused some of these issues. They didn’t have any cracks like most 10 year old Timberlines though. The insurance company only wanted to pay for repairing a square due to tree damage until they saw me try to pull a shingle for matching. You could not pull one shingle off the roof without destroying the one above it.

Since I install 95%+ of the roofs I do with Landmark I would recommend them. If you want a larger sellection of shingles and could afford going to a 50 year shingle check out the Landmark Premium which come in Max Def color. Same names as the Landmark and Landmark Plus just more use of the granual colors. The Weathered Wood, Heather Blend, and Resawn Shake Max Def look a lot nicer than there 30 and 40 year counterpart.

Most defiantly Tamko has the better shingle imo, and has many colors to choose from. Do some research and you will probaly lean towards tamko.

i say this time and time again.
most shingles are made in the same plant, then labeled
differently. you really dont know what your getting.