Shingle Selection

Anybody installed landmark “country gray” or “slatestone”?
Do both have gray and brown in them? I don’t have immediate access to sample colors so that’s why I’m asking you guys your opiniion of the color.

Also, did either one of these replace the weathered wood in the 50 yr shingle since that color is not available.


Go to Certainteeds web site for pictures.

Amazed if the Weather Wood color would be dropped in the 50 year, never heard that one. Weather Wood is Certainteeds more popular color in every variation of shingle.

Never installed either shingle color you made mention to.

I can’t imagine any mfg. doing away with WeatheredWood - it’s the # 1 color of choice (in our region, anyhow) for new subdivisions. As the roof ages & algae stains become evident, this color sorta ‘hides’ the dirty look a bit longer than other colors.

By ‘our region’ I mean Central to East Texas & Louisiana…

AS for our “opinion” on color, that’s ONE thing I try to avoid at all costs. I’m not the one paying the bill & having to live in the house.


Have your contractor bring you full shingles. That way you can see the color blend in the shingle.

I’ve since been told that it was renamed to country gray.

all colors can be viwed at

Ive used Country Gray Landmark premiums --ya them & weather wood are almost the same thing