Shingle Selection

I have a 12:4 gable 25SQ roof on the west coast near Seattle. I have priced basic 25year 3-tab (curb appeal not a big issue) on sale at $33/SQ and Certainteed Landmark 30 at $80/SQ (Malarkey and Gaf about the same price). Certainteed landmark premium is a whooping $125/SQ. Prices are in $CAD so add 25% for USD. According to the supplier, the 3 higher priced shingles have a real world life expectancy of 25 years whereas the low-end 3-tabs 22 years.


Assuming the supplier’s life expectancy is realistic, It doesn’t make much sense to me to pay almost 3 times the price for 3 more years of life expectancy. Also, ALL the low-end shingles meet or exceed the UL ASTM standards (D3462, D3018, CSA 123.5) snd weight/SQ are all 235-240Lbs so what really is the difference in quality/longevity?

Any comments appreciated?

you are lucky with the ct landmarks at 80.00 per sqaure


That price for 3-tabs must be wrong. 3-tabs are a good value even when you get the real price.

That is the correct price…On sale this week at for $10.12 a bundle (3 bundles/SQ)

weight is only one factor in shingle quality. as far as three n ones they can be tougher to install for a diy’er. plus if you ever decide to sell it could come down to “well, it looks like sh!t, but it dont leak” only install three n ones if you plan on tearing the old roof off and it is flat (no dips) and seems to be pretty square. btw if you use the scores to keep the waterlines straight be cautious because they are usually a touch different on each bundle. CertainTeed Xt’s are the only three n ones the pro’s around here use.

i agree with lefty that the price on 3 tabs must be wrong. If it isn’t, however, I wouldn’t definitely get them cause you won’t beat that price anywhere in the country right now.

The last time I checked the three tab shingles-30 yr. of course, were going from about $65.00 to $70.00 a square.

If your talking about bp shingles,I would keep looking

man if you can get 3tabs for 33 dollars a sq.
i would do my roof with them and then fill a wharehouse with a couple hundred sq and sell em online for 60.

hope i answered your question.


Our website has a number of budgets posted that relate to supplied and installed budgets based on either asphalt coming off, or cedar re-roofing. The budgets were posted in early 2008, and our intro paragraph notes a 20 to 30% shortfall based purely on prices increases through 2008, plus one must factor in the new Canadian $ exchange rates (that are currently insane).
If you are picking a roofing product purely on price, why don’t you cover your home with rolled roofing, as you may have no respect for the look, design, or curb appeal of your home.
One should never compare three tabs with laminates. They are two different design / look choices. Laminates look significantly better than 3 tabs, and they will stand up in the wind better … weight versus weight.
The “30” year type laminates are the asphalt shingle manufacturer’s “builder’s grade” line-up, I don’t care whose brand we talk about. This line-up is the thinnest and least quality offering the manufactures all offer, trying to cut costs as much as possible to please cheap builders or roofers, but also hoping to meet minimum building code standards. If price is your thing, this is where one can start, but better buys and better quality STARTS at the midweight series. These are usually called “40” year or “50 year or Lifetime”. One buys these thicker better quality series to better weather the wind and storms THIS YEAR, NEXT YEAR, and for the next decade. You get better weight, improved thickness, and better looks. This all adds up to better curb appeal for your pride in ownership, and less trouble from severe weather.
I expect three tabs to more likely blow off in wind storms than lamiantes. I expect heavier laminates to blow off less than thinner 30 year laminates.
Finally not all shingles are built the same. Malarkey has the most leak resistant and easiest to fasten correctly design of anyone at present, but unfortunately they don’t have a thicker looking series.
If all you can compare is price when trying to select a roofing material to protect and define your home, then I can introduce you to a wonderful designer tarp series, to nail over your existing roof.
Ken at The Roofing Store

yea that is cheap im paying almost 80 a square for 3 tabs