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I’m semi-retired from the commercial roofing side but have several contacts (Realtors, etc) that want me to get involved in the residential side. Quick question for those that use subcontractors, do you have them quote by the job or by the square? If by the square is it by the property SF or squares applied? Thanks for your help…

By the square. We pay actual squares installed which includes call and starter. We also pay for other things such as drop edge, ridge vent, chimney flashings, dump fees, etc…

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Hello my name is Melissa Dolores I was wondering if u could help me.

I have a roofing company I started back in 2009. In 2013 all my tools were stolen from my storage. I went into a real bad depression and I left my company closed for 5 yrs.

I just got back on my feet and ready to go out and work. My prices sheet on labor is outdated and I’m lost.

Is there any way u can tell me what u pay ur subcontractor by sq and how much by ft on fascia & sofit and do u do siding how much per sq and im only talking labor. U do pay dumpster or is it included in sq count.

I have 4 workers I have my tools and dump trailer.

I’m just lost on pricing

I also understand I’d ur busy and can’t help me

Thank u for ur time have a nice day :blush:

Take bids on your, relatives, and friends houses.

As a starting point, use the rule of thirds. Materials, labor and gross profit each at 33.3% of the project price. You can adjust after and it works if you are contracting your own projects. Use industry labor statistics for your trade allowances.

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yes that what i do i just wanted to make sure im not under estimating or over estimating thank you so much have a nice day

Melissa Marie Dolores

thats funny , yet true