Shingle Type over Sunroom

I had a new roof put on three years ago over the main house. I also have a small sunroom and patio that I did not have re-roofed. At the time it was a bit more in cost and I had no issues. I also thought that because the main house was re-roofed that the insurance company wouldn’t care about the sunroom and I was wrong. I live in FL.

So, I have an issue that the sunroom and patio roof has a small leak and now I want to fix it. It previously had the flat roof roll shingle with flashing but it started to leak so I rolled the white elastic rubber over top. Last year it had no leaks but now this year it’s starting to leak again. What is the cheapest method to repair this roof? Do I need to strip it and start over or can I apply something like a peel and stick over it? Or should I just call a roofing company? The sunroom I would like to get inspected for insurance reasons.


You tried to save money on the sunroom and patio roofs at the time the house was being roofed. This only led to a leak a short piece down the road and a problem with your insurance. Next, you attempted to fix it yourself in order to save money. This led to another leak, yet your very next question is “what is the CHEAPEST method to repair this roof”?.

The “cheapest” method would have been to let professional roofers replace those roofs along with the main house roof 3 years ago. This way you would never had to spend all the money and time working on it and you would not have had all these problems to deal with. But that’s all good. Since you didn’t do that then, you still have the opportunity to do it now. My advice is to hire the most professional, not the cheapest. Good Luck!