Shingles being delivered. What to look for?

I finally placed me order for shingles. I ordered 50 year architectural shingles. The supply guy had to look up inventory at surrounding stores. He finally found one. He gave me the impression that nobody really orders anything above 30 year. He found a bunch of them at a store a few hundred miles away. The two guys were talking amongst themselves and were saying I wonder why they have so many in stock. He then said it was probably extra from a job. I ordered 24 squares, so I wouldn’t know why that many extra were sitting around. I guess the guys made me feel like I’m getting some old or leftover materials. What should I look for when I get these shingles? I’m worried that they may have been stored improperly or from different plants or batches. I’m guessing the shingles should be flexible and not stick together. Anything else to look for?

yes get them from a supplier that moves a lot of roofing not a lumber yard. some good ones are Bradco, Beacan sales, Harvey, ABC to name a few

pick a bundle down in the pallet a little.
open it and see how stuck together they are.
if the shingles are hard to get apart then that can mean they’ve been sittin awhile.

i dont like fifty year myself.

30 elk
30 carriage house.
25 yr 3tab


just put on what ya got

tell who ever is puttin them on
that you are sorry for buyin theese heavy ass
shingles and that you know it is going to be harder cuttin around flashings and so on,
please do the best you can.
then hand he/she 20-50 dollars.

youll be allrite.

i know your not puttin 50s on a low slope.
ATLEAST 3/12/p


Pallet marks on the top layer of shingles is usually a sign they have been sitting awhile. Also like Gweedo said, sometimes they are stuck together really good. Fifty year asphalt doesn’t more nearly as fast as 30-40yr does but as long as they are not all warped or cracked looking you will be fine. Inspecting your shipment will be a common sense thing, no roofing skills required. Just make sure to take inventory and make sure everything you paid for is there before the driver leaves.

look that all the lot#s on the bundles match so the roof doesn`t look like patchwork,look at the bundles for damaged ends etc.

ditto…and as far as having them in stock…my local bradco keeps 200 square of every color of 50 year in stock for me. 70% of all my jobs are 50 year.