Shingles brand recomendations

Hi. Am from El Paso Tx. There is a new shingles brand in town. It is PABCO Roofing. Can you give me some references related on this brand? Are they better than OC?

Pabco has been in the business for a long time. Great product. It has been on the West Coast mainly and, because of Pacific Supply moving into Texas, is now being sold in that market. It’s part of the giant Pacific Coast Building Products headquartered in Sacramento, CA. Again, good stuff!

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Tks Donl for your comment. I will consider it

My subdivision was hit by a tornado last year so a bunch of houses around here chose the Pabco shingles that were installed by a company Anderson Restoration. Three of my neighbors went with the Premium Professional and I will have to say that these roofs turned out to look very nice.


Tks Fiona. I appreciate your info. Havana great week end.

Fionas makin me smile and stuff.

Wish i had every brand available to me.
I havent seen them.
They dont sell those here in Florida.

We didn’t have that brand either in El Paso, they are trying to open market here, the sales rep showed lots of interesting facts of this brand and the shingles looks much better. Hope everything is true.

Thanks roof_lover. I forgot to mention that the roofers installed ridge caps that accent these shingles very well. Pabco sells 2 choices of ridge caps: Shadow Caps or Shasta HD Ridge