Shingles flush or extended past drip edge and paper over drip edge questions

I just finished roofing my garage. I followed the instructions on the package.

Owens Corning Oakridge

Starter: Apply flush with the drip edge along the rake and eaves edge, and continue across
First Course: Apply first course starting with the full shingle even with the starter course.

I was doing some research for another project and noticed almost everyone says to extend the shingles past the drip edge about 1/2". If it’s even with the drip edge water will wick and eventually rot the soffit, facia, rafter ends and first few inches of sheathing. Should I leave it or does it need fixed?

I did accidentally install the tar paper over the drip edge on the rake. The instructions say to install tar paper under drip edge at the rake. Should I leave it as is, apply a bead of tar between the paper and drip edge only on the rake or something else?

As for the tar paper/drip edge issue along the rake, honestly I’d just leave it be. Its not the textbook way to do it but its not gonna cause an issue.

Shingle overhang is a regional thing. Some places inspectors can fail you for overhanging your shingles (Florida for example), and others they can fail you for not overhanging your shingles (example Minnesota). This is the reason in small print the instillation instructions always mention “local building codes take precedence”. I personally feel its better to overhang your bottom shingle however for the reasons you mentioned. Look at other roofs in your area and see if the shingles are overhanging. Is your fascia board just painted wood or is it wrapped in aluminum? If its the later I wouldn’t be worried as aluminum can handle water no problem.

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I just replaced all the facia board and plan to wrap in aluminum. I’ll ask a few local contractors if they overhang shingles or not. Thanks for your advice!