Shingles on a 3/12?

I have a home that goes from a 5:12 to a 3:12 pitch on a small extension room. It currently has about a 17 year old EPDM roof on it.

Can you apply shingles on a 3:12?

The contractor is using malarkey Vista shingles (there middle tier) and Henry Ice and Water / Synthetic, he can also use Grace Ice and Water. His idea was to double ice and water over the epdm and put shingles on, though after doing some research ice and water won’t stick well on epdm.

Would you advise ripping off the epdm and applying shingles to osb on a 3:12?

I am in MN where we get snow and cold weather in the winters.

No. If it’s .045 EPDM replace it, .060 should outlast the shingles. Consider that in the winter you’ll have water trapped under the ice and snow. Does i make any sense to put shingles with gaps every 3’ and then punch a minimum of 264 holes per 100 Sq Ft? Sure, you can do it, but why would you?


You can apply shingles to 3:12 BUT you should use one of the versions of ice guard under the shingles. Don’t leave the EPDM on the roof and don’t use it as an underlayment for shingles.

I’d recommend finding a different roofer.


Anyone who would try to put Ice & Water over EPDM is not to be trusted IMO.

Full coverage of at least 1 layer of Ice and Water and you can do Shingles.

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