Shingles over drip edge - how far is okay?

New roof install. Shingles are sagging over the drip edge. It’s a ranch style home so it’s super noticeable from the ground. It’s my understanding that they shouldn’t be any more than in inch over and it’s two inches in some places. image image image image image

Layover? Regardless, call them back to trim.

GAF and CertainTeed both require 1/4" to 3/4" overhang. Of course, Florida and some other high wind areas it may have a different code requirement. Where are you located? Side note- I don’t think a reglet was cut into the bottom of chimney for the counter flashing. It ends right below the mortar line.

Not a layover. It was a tear off. I’ll call them back to trim. Thanks for the input.

I’m in Maryland if that helps at all.