Shingles Price INCREASE at Harveys!

Just got an e-mail from a guy at Harvey’s - they are having a price increase when Oil costs $50/barrel…

Can you believe this fools??? :shock:

[quote]To: Officers, Sales, Sales Managers, Branch Managers, Office Supervisors, Operations Management, Purchasing Management, Marketing Managers, Pricing Department

Since the last implemented price increase on September 9, shingle costs have again increased. We must now adjust our selling prices accordingly.

On Monday December 15, prices for roofing shingles will be increased 6-8% in all regions.

Notice of this price increase will be posted on the Harvey Building Products customer secure website.



Manager, Pricing & Technical Services
Harvey Building Products

1400 Main St.

Waltham, MA 02451

781-398-7795 (v)[/quote]

Diesel fuel costs havent declined as much as Gasoline.

Asphalt prices are still high compared to a year ago. Its very unlikely that shingle prices will ever go down to last years levels.

I know this is very old, but after 9 years of $30-50/barrel oil, shingles are still around $100/square!

We are getting ripped of by manufacturers - so is there and “good” reason for them to keep rices up, except for pure greed/profit?

This is 3 years old ost about roof prices going up - nothing has changed

So you would rather make your normal percentage mark up on shingles based on $32 / square as opposed to $100 / square?

If so, you’re doing it wrong.

well - first of all, I only install metal - so high asphalt prices are good for ME personally. But for the industry it’s not.

However - if you feel like overpaying - I’d suggest not only to embrace high material costs, but also shop exclusively at Harvey’s (if available in your area) … this way you can pay an extra 10-15% over other suppliers for no reason at all! Kinda sounds great, doesn’t it?

You can also pass on the “savings” to your clients - tell them you’d rather markup a $100 shingle than $32



Overpaying for material from one supplier to the next is different from higher market prices for what amounts to commodity-like material.

I don’t want to overpay for materials either. Of course, each supplier will need to be competitive within the realm of any particular market.

Where is the $100 per square come from? I’ve been buying 30 year dimensional in Indiana, Alabama and North Carolina for $63 to $65 per square for over a year.


It was just a numerical example.

@Authentic_Dad I’m in Boston … things are more expensive here

When our shingles were $65, yours were more like $49