what do you think about 50 yr.malarkey shingles?

I have only read positive things but you can’t get them everywhere.

If I recall correctly, (IIRC) unless your currency has a photo of The Queen or a beaver on it, the consensus here is that all Malarkey shingles are junk.

Wait… maybe I’m thinking IKO. Don’t know about these shingles personally as they aren’t available here in Texas.

Malarkey shingles are a regional product in the Pacific Northwest (maybe farther out). They seem to be pretty popular up that way - Seattle, Portland, etc. - but I don’t know how far their distribution reaches.


We use them alot in Alaska, but I googled the company and their website has a list of distributors. They are a Pacific NW company but I believe that they have distributors as far away as NY.


I am in N. Mich and I have never seen them here.

im in NY and never even heard of them until i found this site…i believe they are very regional to the immediate northwest.


As I stated they are a mostly Northwest company but they do have distributors in several plains states and also in NY.