I have a 25sq. job Im paying a guy 30 a sq. to shingle.This includes metal & felt in. Does that sound about right?I think its pretty good.I usually do the jobs but I`m gonna try this route,not experianced at paying another to do it (but need to be-lol)I live in San Diego,ca. what do you guys think?

Johnny … the rates now are from like 20-25 a square as an employee… you have to pay labor burden on top of that yourself…

is this 30 as your employee or as a guy on a side ?? or sub??

This is a guy on the side.A future employee(i hope)Thats for everything metal felt shingles.Ill come back & do the detail.30 a sq. too high?Just right?

I have a feeling this post will be getting replies soon :mrgreen:

Well, if your paying 25 as an employee, then a sub (which is what this guy is if he isnt your employee) would have to charge for:

!. Workers comp insurance (39% in IL)
2. Self employment tax (15%)
3. Income tax (per income level lets say 27%)
4. Unemployment insurance (IL is 5% for my classification)
5. General liability insurance (3,000.00 minimum policy for doing roofing here, and CA is higher)
6. Overhead (the cost of doing business before any nails are driven)
7. Profit (lets stay at a meager 15%) …
Not sure about local or state taxes in CA…so thats not included, but will raise tha base price.

I am at 70.73 per square plus local taxes. Go with 76.00 and that should just about cover the labor for install only.

Oops I forgot the overhead. Mine is quite quite low at 300 per day, so figure that in also.

Funny thing came to havent bothered on this site for a while but Its comeing in clear as day.This is not a POPULAR question.LOL.Sorry guys._Johnny

What is it you are sorry about?

For all those that get thier panties up in a bunch over such Questions

Its not that, what it is tho is giving your employees and doing things above board. Alot of roofers you need to understand dont do things by the book.

Who got their panties in a bunch? I dont read it like that anywhere.

Did you want an honest answer? Or did you just wantto see yourself type? I gave you the honest answer. It isall laid out there for you to use. Take it or leave it.

Show me a contractor that will pay $70 a square for install only! Cause If it exists, I’ll call them tonight! What would you get w/o comp. or liability? Where can you find that kind of money?

Well, please show me how your numbers work out any differently, of course inserting your own numbers and percentages as needed.

This is simply the minimum necessary to do legitimate shingle work in my state at that labor rate (25 per square).

Also, we do not work without comp or liability. I would not risk the welfare of my men, my customer, or my business like that.

I just had a feeling he ment on the side cash… But i could be wrong … But eitherway if that is the case you can understand why we cant motivate you in that direction specially in the worl wide web .


Hey thanks Aaron.I really appreciate any info you got.It is always helpfull.I was just clownen over past posts that went down.I dont like watching myself type,its too slow.LOL, but I do like the feedback.Thanks again & sorry if you read me wrong.Hope work is busy for you._Johnny

new construction shingles north of boston where I live is paying me 100 per square, 70 per square if it’s already weather tight with ice and water and felt paper.


The part that scares me is “I will come back and do the details”.

Hi Lefty.

100 a square is way too cheap in the Boston area, north shore or not.
never let the cheap builders or other roofers influence how you price
jobs. were a skilled trade that deserves respect and good money.

south shore guy