Shingling over old wood shake

I have 80 year old home with a damaged roof due to hail with 20 yr 3 tab asphalt shingles over an older wood shake shingle. Should I tear off just the asphalt shingle or should the wood shakes come off also?

If I tear off the wood shake should I tear out the slats also and replace with sheating or leave the slats in place and shingle to them?

An advice will be appreaciated.



Thanks everyone for your advice. I’m going to do what Lefty recommended. :smiley:


Tear off down to the slats. Sheet over the slats. Use 1/2" plywood. The slats will strengthen up your deck.

What lefty said is really the only right way to do it.

I agree with Lefty; however, if it were my house I’d go with 5/8-inch thick plywood.

i believe its code (at least in NY) to tear it off. the old wood shakes are considered a layer which would give you 2 layers already. def. leave the slats, and 1/2" plywood is more than sufficient.

If your roof has hail damage most insurance companies pay to have the roof done to code, meaning tearing off all layers of shingles pulling all fasteners and decking over the old decking.

I’ve only done one insurance re-deck job and it has one layer of ashpalt shingle and two layers of wood. Insurance comany paid the whole bill.