Short Roofing Nail Concerns

Hello Folks,

I’m new to the site.
I’m hoping to pick your brain and expertise for help on some roofing questions:

Q1) Can you tell me if these 3/4" coiled roofing nails (attached photos) are:

A) Hot Dipped Galvanized?

B) Ring-shanked?


I can’t say for certain but yes they do appear to be hot dip galvanized. But no they are not true ring shank nails.

I’m with Islandroofing. I think they are Hot Dipped. The barbs could be ring shank, but I never buy them, because I may be the next guy tearing the roof off. left side is my hot dipped galvanized, smooth shank. Right is my electro galvanized

Those are dipped. Electro galvanized nails are garbage. They rust. Real roofers won’t use them. But, they’re cheap so a lot of ‘roofers’ use them - just like no caulk pipe jacks that fail long before the shingles do.

Those are either hot dipped or stainless.
Its not a clear photo.
If it has a dull finish its hot dipped.
If they are shiny, its stainless
And yes, both types have a pretty good shank on them.
The stainless having a little more shank than the hot-dipped.

Rust occurs differently depending on the climate. I would assume since you are scared/threatened by cowboy types that you live in a coastal community with lots of art shops. In this area I would agree that EG nails are not a good option. In the more rugged mountainous areas with high mountain desert, in which you would be afraid to venture in for a beer in local taverns, these same EG nails would be just fine. Just stay in your comfort zone and you’ll be ok.

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Eg nails are pretty poor quality, but then again so are asphalt shingles in general these days. (Disclaimer, Most of my jobs are still asphalt shingles). I don’t believe the nails will fail before the shingle will unless water is regularly getting under your shingles.

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