Should I insulate the stack pipe inside the attic?

Just wondering if I should insulate the stack pipe (used to omit gases) inside my attic? When it snows, after a period of time I see the snow melted away from around the stack pipe on the roof. Would insulating the pipe help prevent this? What type of insulation should I use?

I believe my roof is properly vented as I have baffles installed with every sof-it opening and ridge vents the entire length of the roof.

I have never seen this done and I suspect the heat savings would be minimal, if any. Still, it will do no harm, so long as you insulate only the pipes inside.

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to avoid extra heat in the attic. I have a low slope roof with 2 foot overhangs which tend to have ice dams. With the snow melting all around the vent pipe my concern is this is adding to the ice daming.

I honestly don’t think this will do much to help that problem. If your attic is properly insulated (it would take about R50 to keep all the heat in about 20 inches of the pink stuff) you shouldn’t have to worry about snow melt from the attic. Even if you wrap it, the snow will still melt around the stink pipe.

Ice dams are a problem for low pitch rooves. I suggest you try having heating wires installed on the problem areas to prevent re-freezing, or get metal flashings installed on the edge to prevent snow from building there in the first place.