Should I make roofer fix my shingle overhang?

New forum user here and new homeowner seeking advice.
Recently had a roof and gutters installed and am getting ready to pay the contractor.

However, I started to notice what looks like a droop at the roof line.
I measured the shingle overhang and it ranges from 1 1/8 - 1 1/2 in some spots.
I have a drip edge, so according to the manufacturer the overhang should be 1/2".

Do I need to be concerned about this and would it be an easy fix for them to do?
Is this something I should make them fix before I pay them?

I live in the midwest, so snow, rain and wind is common. This concerns me for longevity and appearance.

Thanks in advance


Additional pictures

Pay your Roofer!

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Thanks for the feedback.

That is a typical installation in most parts of the midwest. Nothing to worry about.