Should I paint old metal roof or replace it?

I have old metal roof that have few problems and started leaking recently, I want fix leaks and repaint/reseal, or replace with shingles. Also fireplace pipe not looks good - I not sure if this can be fixed, or must be replaced. Contractor game estimate for both, shingles are little more expensive, but this will be new roof instead of old one. I want do something that will last longer. Its located in NC, we have lot of sun here. I like advise from specialists which one I should do. Thank you!
Pics of roof at this link Roof - Album on Imgur

Judging from the images you have provided, the roof appears to have fulfilled its service life and a replacement is easily warranted. If this is a budgetary issue, the painting and repairing scenario may provide a temporary stop-gap for the inevitable. The fireplace repair may further disrupt the existing metal roof and can end up costing you double. There are many rubberized coatings on the market which could add an extra year or two of life but whether the products will adhere is questionable.

Chimney is a definite re-build. Get a quote for Truco or Topps coating. You’re beyond paint or aluminum/asphalt coatings.

I love those old standing seam roofs. There are some in my area that are pushing the 100 year mark. I got too sick of seeing other roofers in my area ripping off perfectly good ones (other than needing a paint job) and replacing them with exposed fastener metal (big downgrade). I try to promote painting them.

However yours may have been left get beyond repair. Would need to see it in person to make the call. As mentioned before by darkthirty you at minimum need the chimney removed or redone and a new flashing job around it.

Wow!!! You got some mileage out of that roof! We are currently working on a similar situation in Durham where the roof is 80 year old 5V metal. Your roof will require a massive amount of prep work, just to be able to prime it. PROPERLY! Anybody can coat it, but it will fail not long after the check clears. It maybe cheaper to replace it. Your chimney needs attention. Is that chimney being used? Where in NC are you?

Do you use phosphoric acid as part of the prep? I have 10 year coating systems on similar roofs that are still performing after 17 years. The profit margin is nice and so are the results. If you use acrylic latex and asphalt coatings on metal, you’ll have problems…

Thank you for replies! Best estimate I got to replace it with shingles just 2K more than restoration of metal, so I can do replacement with shingles, not with metal - metal is too expensive for me. Just trying to figure out with option will last longer. They can replace chimney too, pricing they gave is OK with me.

Im in Goldsboro area.

Yes, we do! We typically use Hydrostop which is an acrylic elastomeric. I have used AcriLabs acrylic enamel, which I’ve liked the results on. I think this roof is simply at the end of its road. Fasteners will need to be replaced along with some metal patchwork.

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It may work down south, but it won’t hold up in the cold. We get 50 degree temperature changes in hours. Metal moves with temperature. Acrylics and asphalts are brittle below freezing. I knock a lot of tar patches of of metal roofs every year. Aluminum and acrylic coatings may work to stop rust, but they don’t stop leaks very long.

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