Should one use existing drip edge or replace?

i was under the impression one would use the esisting drip edge there but somebody told me they always replace the drip edge so the felt edges are under it.i thought starter shingles are nailed in the felt at the edges of roof and will protect the felt from lifeting up. so whats the correct way? can i use the existing felt?

we always use new drip and new felt. they are part of the roof , and if you are going to replace the roof with a new one, then replace it with a [size=150]new[/size] one.

We run Ice and Water barrier under the edge metal because it needs to wrap onto the fascia board a bit. Felt goes over the top of the Ice and Water barrier and runs on top of the edge metal. I’ve seen people re-use existing metal and it’s debated that you don’t need felt at all. I am of the opinion that if you’re going to do a tear off then do it right and replace everything. Spend that extra 300.00 now and you’ll be happier for it later.

i live in a year round warm area… the problem is the drip edge was screwed in and won’t that be a pain to get it off?also from what was jsut posted you’re telling me the felt goes over the edge of the drip edge?

your roofer is right,I&W go over the fascia eave flashing,but at the gables the drip edge caps over the I&w,Or felt the starter would then go over the metal,the metal comes up easy,can leave the screws right there :wink:

mr brandon12,
let me explain somthin to ya.
roofs are done a thousand different ways in the world.
some places they dont even beleive in evedrip.
so if its gonna make the job easier to leave the, screw infested, evedrip.
then by all means leave it.

evedrip metal can last the life of 2 even three shingle roofs.


drip edge is syupid. Rip that shit off and replace it with ice and water shield. Thats the way to do it.
Thats the new way of doing things