Should starter strip be replaced?

Hi there-
I’m a first time homeowner, and a 25 year-old female who knows nothing about roofs. My roof was recently replaced due to hail damage. When the gutter guys came to put new gutter covers on they said that the starter strip looked like the old shingles underneath, not new ones.
I watched the roofers tear off the old shingles but it is possible that they left the previous starter strip on. I was also told by the gutter people that one of the corners of the roof had no starter strip at all.
Is it common practice to use the previous starter strip? The old shingles were also defective so I would think that they would want to remove and replace all of them.
I also live in Minnesota so weather protection on my house is important to me. Any advice would really help!!

Yes everything should be replaced. If they are missing in some spots call the roofer back and see what he will do. If that was not done my question is what else was not done.

Yes it should be replaced. It all comes down to what is in your written and signed contract though. Make sure you read it before you call up yelling.

The feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Contract says remove, clean-up and haul away old roofing. He never made us sign anything and we haven’t paid him yet…

I also had the city inspector look at it to see if it was up to code and he said that because there are areas where it is missing it may void the manufacturers warranty if it was not installed according to the correct standards.

Does anyone know about the required installation of Certainteed Landmark 30 year shingles?

Regardless of the shingle or manufacturer it needs a starter. If it is missing and the inspector has seen it he should not sign off on the permit.

The specs for certainteed landmark require you to cut the top 8" portion of the shingle and use it as a starter, this portion of the shingle usually is a slightly different color and texture than that of the exposed bottom laminated portion that you see on the roof, I would voice this concern to the roofer anyway and hold payment until you get a straight answer. I can tell you that it would be very hard and not very cost effective for the roofer to have saved and reused the original starter strip.

The Starter strip is as important as the rest of the roof and is needed. The starter strip is a solid piece of shingle. The actual roof shingles have what they call
Bond lines(or gaps). The starter provides a solid surface shingle in which the first actual row of shingles are placed on top of. The starter keeps water from going between the bond lines on the first course of shingles. It protects the roof decking from water penetration. It also gives a clean edge to the roof.

Hold payment until this is corrected by the roofer, make sure you get the rest of the roofing checked also.

Maybe get another roofer to look over the work for their opinion.

The Inspector should have noted this an an issue and informed you to have this corrected.

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The roofer prolly had a rookie roofer up there working for him that forgot to place his turn around. As for the old starter strips God that was lazy! I use a shingle for a turn around on 3 tab 6" stagger bond blaw blaw. same for architech cept i may use a 3 tab for turn around, but most times I just use a architech shingle as a turn around. Make him come back Big pain in his butt! But, he should have made sure it was installed right.

“The starter keeps water from going between the bond lines on the first course of shingles.”

Not to nit pick but the term ‘bond lines’ is normally for the twin upright lines popped on the roof via a chaulk line, not something on the shingles themselves. What you are referring to are ‘key ways’ or ‘water grooves’ on a 3-tab.

I think what he is referring to is where two shingles meet. On the bottom run, the starter strip prevents water from getting in between the the two shingles and leaking down onto the decking or even in the soffit, depending on how far the decking reaches out.

I meant that when he started his turn around if it is 3 tab it needs to be staggered 6" from the first top shingle. I’ve seen rookies start out their turn around and then break the first shingle even with the turn around(duh! serves no purpose) in the case of architech (i think u guys call them diminsional) the turn around needs to be staggered at least 6 to 8 inches from the first shingle then the rest ran at a 45 degree angle up the roof. (stair step) I’ve seen guys run them like 3 tab. It get’s on my nerves looks like a zipper up the roof. It’s cause they’re lazy and don’t wanna run up the roof side ways running the shingles.