Should this roof take 3 days with 3-man crew?

I need to get a R/R on this one layer roof and the contractor says he can put 3 guys on it and have it done in 3 days.
Is that right?
Seems a bit long to me.
The roof is about 13 squares as the base of the house is ~1,000sq ft and the roof is 9/12.

And what are the best brand of shingles and underlayment material can I use?
This roof lasted 16 years but I want the next one to last 25-30 years.
House is in Atlanta by the way.

Looks like the roof has been chaulked , perhaps for an insurance claim. Maybe the insurance only bought the rear slope. Trinity is pretty stingy around here.
I would use an Architectural shingle with 15# felt.
You can install a Cobra 3 continuious ridge vent too.
I use alot of GAF, still there are several other good manufacturers.
Get yourself a real roofing company, tell them if you have an insurance claim and they will probably upgrade you to an Architectural shingle and the insurance proceeds will pay for the entire job less your deductable.

That should not take more than 1 day with 3 roofers. (Keyword Roofers)

Yeah three days seems a bit long for that job but as long as they are doing a quality job its not that unreasonable. I’d rather hear of a crew taking longer and doing a good job than just throwing everybody and their brother (all of which don’t have a clue) up there and being finished by lunch.

The quality of roofing shingles varies greatly in different regions so you are better off finding a roofer (not a salesman) you trust taking his word on the best shingles in your area. If you really want a long lasting roof (30+ years) you are gonna have to upgrade from asphalt shingles though.

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@drfixup yes the roof has been chalked by a adjuster. Now I am looking for a roofer to do the work. Insurance only wants to replace three shingles that leaked. I want all shingles to be replaced because I feel like it was a domino effect that caused the roof to leak and ceiling in bedroom to cave.

Replace the missing shingles and you should be fine. There could be a piece of damaged plywood there depending on how it leaked.
Did the entire bedroom ceiling fall, or was it an isolated spot?
Often when there’s a leak it can drip on one spot and the ceiling will get saturated and sag between the rafters, especially if the insulation is cellulose it can get really heavy then sag or fall through. The mess can be kind of overwhelming.

@drfixup isolated spot about 2 sq ft in the corner directly below where the roof leak was. It got a patch that took care of it but I’m thinking I want all shingles redone to ensure the roof is done correctly. I bought the house in 2011 but the prev owner said he had the roof done in 2008.

There’s a good chance that the leak was a result of all the blown off shingles.
Now that they are repaired you should be fine.
Pay to have the roof checked at least every 5 years.
Check for nails backing out, slipping shingles, debris from trees. Replace plumbing vent collars at 10 to 12 years