Show me your ****

This is a shout out to all the studs. I wanna see a video of 7+ sq an hour field shingling.

Me and Chris in Kelowna BC got dat. I wanna see paco and fucking jose mexi slammin.

Edit : dynasty shingles

And when youre going for records and stats. Its all about gravey opened bundles preset. Its about speed.

7 sq/hr is roughly a shingle installed every 10 sec continuously.

If you and Chris are doing it that would be 2 people at 3 1/2 sq per/hr each.

The fastest me and my partner did in one hour
He laid 18 bundles of 3-tabs.
I did 19 bundles.
5 or 6/12 pitch.
We did lay the shingles across the roof before starting.
It was over 25 years ago.
It was all paper wrappers back then.
We would cut the UL labels out to account for our work. That took a handful of seconds each.

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As a damn yankee 35 years ago in Georgia, I had to ask what “Save your you alls” meant!

I miss those paper wrappers that slid downhill so well and the ziplock baggies we kept our labels in. We would optimistically cut out about 15 square worth first thing and make sure we got at least that so we didn’t have to screw with it while we were banging them on.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast