Siding Issue

I am a homeowner who stumbles into this forum every 2 or so years when I have a roofing issue. I have always appreciated the help I’ve received from the experts here.

My newest question involves a siding job which I am currently having done on my home. I hired a contractor to rip off the old, rotting wood siding, and install Hardie Siding. The workers finished the install this morning, and it is scheduled to be painted tomorrow. I have question about where the siding meets the roof. If you look at the photo, there are gaps between the siding and the roof. Now I understand it has not been painted yet, and maybe it won’t look so bad once its painted, but this doesn’t look very attractive to me. Is the normal? Should the siding be flush against the roof? I emailed the contractor about this issue, and asked if a molding could be installed to make this look better. Here is the exchange:

ME: On the siding, I’ve attached a pic which shows gaps between the siding and the roof. Should a molding be installed to hide these gaps and make it look better?

CONTRACTOR: The bottom of the siding doesn’t have any trim. We raised it a little bit to allow water to run so it won’t be obstructed by the hardi board. This should prevent the hardi board from holding any moisture.

Just wanted some feedback on whether this is normal or whether it should have been installed differently, a molding is needed, etc. And one final question, there is an area near the brick where the joints of the siding aren’t quite flush. Can this be sanded down by the painter? Just want this job to look good. Thanks for the help/feedback in advance.

That is still to tight to the roof IMO. We leave an 1.5" gap between any siding and the roof. We make a flashing colour matched to the siding to fill this gap, it allows water to run off and the flashing to be replaced easily.
A nice, even gap would look a lot better.

Thanks for the reply. I’m just wondering why it could not be made to look like this. Is this strip flashing?

Why is there a wire comming out of the roof??

I had some cables run from my Directv dish a while back. Rather than have those cables running along the roof, and holes drilled into the siding, I told them to put the cables behind when they installed the siding.

It’s Building Code to leave at least 1.5" between roof and siding here in BC. And Hardie doesn’t have a bottom trim like that Vinyl siding pic does (at least not on any job I have seen). I’m just wondering why they didn’t paint it before installing it? I have never seen anyone put up Hardie siding and then paint it, in fact most people/contractors buy it pre-painted.

2 items jump out from the image provided.

#1 Hardie requires a minimum 2.0" clearance between the roofing and the bottom edge of the siding and trim. Your installer did not provide that.

#2 Hardie requires the use of step flashing. “J” flashing is not acceptable for use with Hardie siding. It appears to me that there is “J” flashing in place.

Both of these items were not correctly done.

I would press the “reject” button.

If you or your contractor needs verification of these facts, look it up on JHBP’s web-site in the installation section. … -us-en.pdf

Keepitlow is correct. It looks horrible, I would make them replace.

Job is done 100 percent correct.
Just needs a paint job by a “painter”.
His response to you is true.

[quote=“roof-lover”]Job is done 100 percent correct.
Just needs a paint job by a “painter”.
His response to you is true.[/quote]