Siding remove/install on 3-story Apt and 2-story condos

I’m looking for a avg. rate on labor for such a project… keep in mind there is 40+ bldgs. and obviously there is some leeway to the rate? Also, which do you suppose is more convienient for this project… poles and jacks or scissor lifts?

Leeway to the rate? How do you get leeway to the rate? There is no leeway to the labor rate.

All you can do to reduce cost is hire cheap labor, which are ususally illegal, not insured, unskilled, or inexperienced.

To hire skilled installers takes money, and they arent cheap. The labor burden is also a nagging factor.

If there are 40+ buildings, how does that affect the labor rate? They still have to be worked. The labor cost can only drop because of one of the factors mentioned above. Hire cheap unskilled workers if you would like a low price. Buy cheap materials.

you need to post some pics of average unit. to tell what you going to need.


pics definitely needed for any answer. prices change geographically also. siding installers have tons of competition where I live and the pay is garbage. If youre really price conscience, get 20 estimates, theyre free.

Suppose maybe I’m not specific enough… I was interested in an avg. rate per story for installation. The apartments are a basic format, 2-story front and 3-story back (walk-out), and the condos are similar in that they have a 1-story front and a 2-story back. The apt are semi cut-up (main center section with stepped wing sections) and the condos are completely cut-up. When I mentioned leeway to the labor rate it was because I’m assuming it would be customary to do so when one wants to secure a solid relationship (future business). Items such as cost of materials is fixed and is predominated by what the buyer is willing to pay for. Just thought that cutting a deal (not cutting my throat) on labor is probably the only area I have total control over, fixed costs are “fixed”, labor rates are flexible to a point.

A few questions,

What kind of siding are you removing?

What is the wall sheeting made of?

What kind of siding are you reinstalling??

I would probably let this one go, considering the question you asked. This is a huge job, and without the knowledge of pricing, I think a job this big, could sink you in a week. I’d chalk this one up as a learning experience.


The most recent reply, Fredd w/ Sanchez siding is without a doubt the best roofing installer/siding installer I’ve come across in the last several years. He’s very professional in his approach, manages his workforce extremely well, interfaces with the property owner in a great fashion, and is very cost competitive.

He’s done a fair amount of roofing work for me in S Florida, probably the toughest place in the united states code-wise.