SILCO Shingles?

I just had a new roof put on. I was told it would be Owens Corning shingles but when the shingles arrived they were marked as “Silco Roofing Products”. I can’t find any information online. Has anyone heard of that brand and is it affiliated with OC?

I’ve been around a long time and have never heard of that brand. Sounds like a private label. I’d be interested in a shot of the label that says where they were manufactured. Did you get a warranty?

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Donl is correct. If I’m not mistaken, those are repackaged Owens Corning shingles. I dont know if they carry warranty. Most repackaged or x-out shingles are not grade A product. You might try contacting OC roofing division. I’ve seen them. It’s a white package with sort of a charcoal, angled writing.

I just dug up the wrapping from the trash. It’s labeled “Silco Roofing Products” and states that it is not affiliated with any manufacturer and carries no warranty. Looks like I am having a talk with the roofer tomorrow. I was under the impression I was getting a new roof with a 30 year warranty.

I am curious. What did the roofer tell you? Do the shingles carry some sort of a warranty? How did they come about buying these shingles, as I cannot find them online.

Warehouses sell them cheap to contractors.
Repackaged and no warranty provided.
Hopefully you didn’t let the contractor put it on your roof.

SILCO is a re-wrapped shingle, that is considered a second. They are good quality, economy shingle with no warranty. Thousands of roofers are using them with good results.

How did you make out with your roof?

What is the difference among shingles that are considered seconds as opposed to those that actually are seconds?

How does one know what is what?

They are considered seconds because they don’t fit within the standards of the manufacturer, and no warranty is given. They are sorted out at another facility and what is good material is then re-wrapped and sold at a discount. Sometimes its just a color variation which has no impact on the integrity of the material.

In your mind this somehow makes them no longer seconds?

It sounds like you sort out the 3rd’s & 4th’s and peddle the 2nd’s.

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We sell the seconds to offer an economical solution to our customers. If it is not a good usable shingle it gets recycled.

There is nothing wrong with a second, I have them on my house.

So long as the homeowner knows what they are getting it doesn’t matter.

The topic of this thread is a homeowner who was told they would be getting Owens Corning shingles getting off brand seconds, this is fraudulent.


Correct. I agree the contractor must be honest with the customer.

There is no information out there about SILCO, so I though I would chime in.

I appreciate your honesty and input about something I’ve never seen in our area. I can only imagine how crappy seconds are when firsts, with “warranties”,last an average of 18 years. I’d think rolled roofing would be better.


Only installed seconds one time.
On my own home.
As part of buying the house.
25 years ago.
They were owens corning classics three tabs.
Some of the surface, the granules werent perfect/ darker granules where their shouldnt be.
Still looked perfect from the ground
And lasted over 20 years.

Notably, the classics back then were better than todays supremes…so

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A Steel roof is superior to all.

Agreed and we do miles of it.