Is sistering a rafter a good idea or just a temporary fix.

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we call it scabin on a rafter. and its not a temperary fix were im at
it is done when the exsistin rafter is only slighty rotted on top.
you can have rafters replaced but its much more exspensive.


Depending on the damage to the existing rafter, you can decide of sistering it is a good idea or not.

I don’t like to see sistering of a rafter if the damage is on either end of the rafter. The ends of the roafter is where the weight is transfered to. If the damage is in the middle, the sister rafter can easily have the weight transfered to it and then the weight transfered back to the original rafter on the ends and to the ridge beam and the top plate of the walls.

If the original rafter is damaged on the ends, it is hard to get the birdsmouths cut or the top angle cut and the new rafter fit into place. It will never fit as good as the existing rafter and you will almost always have a sag or a hump in the decking.

But a sag or hump, depending on the price to install a new rafter, may not be too bad ?!?!

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