Situation I need help!

Hi gang,
I’m at a job in SE Michigan, am tearing off/replacing the roof. There is also a balcony off the front of the home that has a flat roof on it, protecting the porch below from rain. There will be tables, chairs, foot traffic on the 2nd story roof. I was thinking torch down and then placing a floating deck on top of this. What are your thoughts on this 12x16 project? I do mostly residential (shingles), so I need some help solving the foot traffic issue.


gonna have to let the snowbirds help ya on this one.
im just the roofing god of the heat and sun.


Michigan is Kevins hood . But personally i never liked the idea of mixing roof and traffic . Even if its a floating patio :stuck_out_tongue: .

Forget the floating deck; I hate them. All you’re doing is laying a roof and then making it so it is un-repairable. Use something like this: … les-008232

Do a 3-ply torch and stagger your seams on each ply so the application is as smooth as possible. You can use some unburnt modified as a buffer between your roof and the modular decking. I have seen these come in pallet sized sections but can’t find them at the moment. The 18"x 18" may work but I’m not sure if they would with a locking system. You want something like this IMO, forget the floating deck.

You’re protecting your roof with something that allows it to drain, is aesthetically acceptable and can be easily removed to allow repairs if/when needed.

Hey tar ive seen many areas on asphalt roofs where the movement causes the wood blocks and stuff to dig in to the material causing all sorths of problems .

I see this are wooden squares .i have a feeling this will sink in also …

But i have come up with this same situation myself in the past .

have you use this personally ??i like to hear the input

No you’re right. That’s why I said that you can use a layer of unburnt modified as a buffer between your roof and the modular decking. I mean if you got people on there driving the wood tiles through 4 layers of mod bit you need to hold the Jenny Craig meetings in the basement.

LOL… I called my local commercial contact, his idea is EPDM with some type of commercial rubber tile on top of that. I guess they’re used for the hvac guys and other misc rooftop projects. I suppose either one would work. Rubber or bitumen, paper or plastic…

when you consider the roof pads as protection for
tradesmen access to rooftop equipment, the pad designs can be numerous and economical…
but, now you talking people, parties, furniture, liability. This means railings, safety codes, etc.
Assuming the roof load engineering is sufficient for it’s new intended use…recreational, and the added weight of the deck system, might change it’s structural correctiveness (nice word huh?)
So, let’s say the rafters are ok…that being large enough to carry a party and a deck, then you need a deck/ railing system compliant to local and national building codes. That being said…I would consider a system that would include sleepers for a decking design that would allow for easy access to the roof underneath, as well as an area that would allow for adequately installed and waterproofed railing design/ to code. Look at it as two jobs…

  1. a roof replacement system with sleepers integrated
    into it and
  2. a roof top/ railing design with the sleeper system.

Considering contractor liability issues for faulty roof/deck designs, it is not an area where one would skimp on costs.
hope this helps

I like EPDM under the right conditions but wouldn’t use it in a high traffic area. I’m not a commercial installer though, perhaps he knows something I don’t. if you can find it @ your local roofing supply co.,and know how to paint, this is the roof for you!!!

I have done several “balcony” type flat roofs.
Most are new construction and are spec’ed for .60 EPDM by the architect.
On existing homes I usually choose 3 ply modified bitumen with a granulated cap sheet.
Both are good systems for this application but I prefer the modified because I feel that it is much more durable.
There are a few different ways to mount the deck but Pallet type panels over sleepers with EPDM pads is the most common.
There are usually several posts sticking out of the roof for mounting of the deck and or hand rails and these all need to be flashed.
Some even have drains…
The installation is the most important part as usual.

Tar - cracking me up as usual.

Hydro - Stop; IIRC, there has been some negative press here about that, right?

I looked @ their site & did like the walkable surface product, however. I have a house that’s got about a 3/4 square deck area over the entry & I am thinking if this is a good product that it might be good to use here (access is easily available through a bedroom window & if it’s a walkable area, it might incent the homeowner to turn this window into a door (albeit one with a high thresh hold).

I’m looking into a product called Dec-Tec. A PVC membrane… anyone had any experience with this?