Skylight install on scissior trusses?

I have a skylight to install on an upcoming re-shingle job I got…The question I got is referring to the trusses…They are scissior trusses on 24" centres… so what would be the best route as to supporting the window/rafters from below the roof deck…?..I would need to cut out one section in the truss so would I just building headers around the opening tying in the 3 trusses?


If your skylight is a typical 2x4 Than all you have to do is place the light between the trusses. You will then need to place a block on the topside and the bottomside of the light tying the trusses together. Most skylights come with fairly easy installation instructions.
If your skylight does not come with a frame then you will have to make one. We generally use 2x6s to build the curb for the light to sit on. We also wrap the entire area in I&W for extra protection.

Hope this helps.



I would not cut a sissors truss that is 2’ on center.

Use 2 skylights.

What ever you do, do not cut the truss unless you consult with the manufacture and/or an engineer. IT will be a huge liability issue if you cut it on your own.

u make a saddle to the size of the skylight usually involes cutting one truss depending on the size of the skyinglight we use velux roofing windows here if its one of those i can give you the proper instructions

sure, that would be very helpful, if you don’t mind…!!

I would not cut a sissors truss that is 2’ on center.[/quote]

Some very good advice there…
Unless you are an architect or engineer you would be wise to listen to it.