Skylight pannel source?

I recently had a fiberglass skylight pannel blow out of my shed in a storm. Now I can not find a replacement. The panel is corrugated, and the corrugations are 3 inch wide. The panel needs to be 32 inches wide. Where can I find one? I have found 2.5,2.6, and 4.0 but no 3.0 wide. Thanks!

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards.
Or a lumberyard.

Maybe a cheap skylight?

I have tried them, but nobody has 3" corrugation skylights. The all have the 2.5 and 2.6, which will not work. My building has 3.0 metal, and it must match. Thnaks!

Get the 4.0.

  1. Mark your 3.0 location @ both the top & bottom of the panel (make sure it’s oriented right for how you want your corrugations to align).

  2. Apply masking tape (if you can get a 4" wide piece, use that… otherwise, 2 strands side by side) over this invisible line from top to bottom with the panel aligned vertically.

  3. Get a saw blade specifically designed for lexan or plastic & put it on your table saw. *Make sure you get the right sized blade for your saw.

3a. If you don’t have a table saw, this is a good excuse to finally get one. I won’t tell the wife… promise.

3b. If you don’t want to get a table saw, ask your buddies… they’ll love having a cool new blade once you buy it for them.

  1. Cut your sample piece of corrugated plexi down to size. The tape is to prevent splintering or shattering of the panel.

  2. Set the blade just about 1/8" above the highest point of the panel - you’ll get maximum RPM’s out of the blade this way.


Did you ask the local roofing supplier to order you the correct panel?
That is probably your best bet.