Hey i have four skylight to do and there is already rubber on them but leaking, what is a good product to use ir’s about a 2/12 and on a seperate side of th roof where it can be tied in to the rest. Thanks


Why is it leaking?

the corners of the rubber are coming apart and i have to replace them with real skylights these are just plastic

So your saying that the skylights are
SF(self-flashing)(no metal no where)
surrounded by what appears to be epdm roofing?

Is that correct?

sounds like to me you need to re wrap your corners on your skylights,with uncured.



Why not just fix the leak?

the skylights are plastic and you can’t see out of them and they want new velux skylights


So you are actually putting in new skylights. The leaks will be fixed at the same time.

or maybe the homeowner should hire a roofer that doesn’t need to ask questions on the internet on how to do the job lol

Velux skylights… Thats 20 years right there at least. Best warranty in the buisness… :mrgreen:


No offence but I have been roofing for 22 years and I learn new techniques on ever job. I shingled for 17 years and metal and epdm for the last 5. I ran a 500 square shingle/Epdm roof this summer and I was learning different Epdm things from guys that have been doing it a lot longer than me.
You ask… What is the point of my post ?

Why knock a guy for asking a question? He is only trying to better himself.


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thank you it takes a better man to ask

when you order the skylights, also order a curbing kit that allows you to pitch the skylight more than a 2 pitch…I’m sure someone has more information about velux.


hey dont mess with rooferjosh!lol