Skyreach telehandler in yards

Does anyone have any advice on what I can get away with for telehandlers in yards? This is taking into account that I would also cover the yard in 1/2" OSB or something of that nature.

I’ve got some big jobs I’d like to quote but don’t know what I could get away with in the yard for equipment.


I use 3/4" CDX. 1/2" osb will get crushed if the grounds at all soft.

True.,It is wise to find out where lateral lines,gas lines,and sprinkler systems are etc. prior to job commencement.Another thing that we do is before a job is started have your customer accompany you on a walk through af the job site and note on paper any scuffed/damaged siding,window screens,broken windows,
cracked walkways,driveways,damaged a/c units,fences,
patio furniture,grills etc.,and have the customer sign acknowledging property damage.Seems a little much but anything you can do to protect your company
is well worth a little paranoia/inconvenience.