Slate and copper step flashing job

Thought some folks might enjoy this Shutterfly album on step flashing a cupola. … cbsmrhqzeA

Looks nice. Hard to tell in the photo’s, were the old tins lead coated copper? Any idea how old they were?

we have done those as well. with that detail though we would run both vally slates in together with diamond shaped piece of flashing. its a closed vally but your also into a miterd hip. I always number them take them out nice ice shield it and put it back with copper slatters nails and a little bit of red slaters cement “not a lot”. do all cutting when needed with stake and slaters hammer .


The flashings were zinc from around 1905 when this Carraige house was built.
All four sides are in similar shape,so when the rain stops I’ll fix the other three.
Thanks for looking.

Neat stuff.

Roofer Jim,
This installation isn’t really a valley,more a roof and wall interface which requires the roof to be step flashed and the wall cladding( also slate) to be applied after the roofing.
I own stakes too but it’s much easier for me to use my Pearson cutter on this cramped area to cut those I need to replace.
Some slates were already missing and some weren’t able to be removed whole-so I did have to produce some.


I’ve always used copper in those flashing areas. Just because I always have it on the truck. But I think it would be a lot easier to use lead. Which is what I use for tile details.
Any opinions?

The copper I used was easy enough to form in this instance-already had 16 oz. as steps made up,then hand formed those lowest few to the flared hip.
I agree that lead would be easier to form,but I wonder if it isn’t too soft to last for a long time. Similar to you’re other thread of choosing the right materials for the job-I think that copper will wear longer than lead.

Soft copper would also be a good choice-easy to form ect.- Have seen pics of Walter’s work before, very good mechanic --As is Dennis ,after viewing your pics of various jobs. I liked the lead capping over the copper counter flashing,plus pointing of the mortar joint…I am in the process of re-doing my house roof(5years or so) when I get to my chimney thought is to install the copper sub flashings,front & back flashing,solder corners,then install slate for my counter flashing with either a lead or soft copper cap into the mortar joint and over the top edge of slate ,such as Dennis did with the lead capping…just trying to do something a little different…I am using random rough slate - various sizes,thickness,colors,broken corners,ect…mix of new & salvaged slate. Ron

Slate as counter flashing? sounds interesting.

Is the chimney brick or stone?

The chimney is brick and needs pointed,I also may cover the whole thing with slate? I will decide once I get to it ,set the scaffold for the front of house today,sorted some slate,have planned to work on it over the thanksgiving weekend(ha). Also have to pick up salvaged slate we have on the ground for a 15 square roof we have to start next week,putting on 24" x 14" sea green on a building in Harmony,Pa. built in 1810…we also just salvaged a purple slate roof, have a customer already for it, so it worked out well,just have to see how the weather is this winter,both jobs are tear offs…Take it easy and enjoy the holiday. Ron