Slate Roof---How much per square is good?

how much for slate per sq

Labor: $600.00/sq and up… $200.00/sq. is way low…Good thing the crew walked.

I think your first question should be, " Why did I take on a 120sq. slate job if I have no experience with slate roofing?"


Anyway, if you pay my expenses down there, I will help you out for $800 per day. ( I can easily install 1 sq. per day in the field )

I hope you can secure some competent help so that the client doesn’t get a botch job!
Those who have never laid slate should tend for a good slater for some time before being turned loose to learn on a new install.

I will agree 200 a square for slate is well way to low. No wonder they walked. I have not had the privlige of working with slate but i do know that 200 will not get it done.

First slate job,(I overlooked that part of message)we all have to start somewhere,but I do feel sorry for the owner :frowning: