Slate tear-off....I don't wanna

I have 30+ slate or tile tear-offs.I have never saved any.Most have been crap,but,this one is one of the nicest I have had.I know it is time-consuming to take off carefully,but,it is,in my opinion,too nice to just get rid of.It is my next job.Her ins co says it has to go.Personally,I would never rip my OWN slate roof off,but,I am very partial to it.What do you all think…

Hard to tell from the pics but it looks like asbestos tile to me.

If it is slate, it looks like it has begun to shale. But, I would have to agree, it does look like an asbestos or cement fiber tile.

Be caereful if its asbestos tile. You can really get screwed for messing with that stuff without the proper licence and methods. If its natural slate the salvage could be worth some money but it looks like asbestos.

The gov’t isn’t as bad about asbestos as it used to be. Before, you would have to have air monitoring and abatement. Now you just pretty much need to prevent it from being friable, which means no saw-cutting of the material.

Cerb, Do you still need to be certified to remove it?
It was years ago but I was certified to remove asbestos containing low slope roofs but not shingles. The company who I worked for only had two employees certified to remove asbestos siding and shingles. I think it was a week long course vs. my one day certification. I know they required you to air monitor on your first job and you could reference that for all similar conditions.

In our area, as long as it is encapsulated asbestos (non-friable), we do not have to be certified. Nor do we require any special equipment. Simply bag it in 4-mil bags taped shut and take to a specific landfill.

same here. the roll off companies provide the bags eve.

I went to a week long course about 1988 and got a supivisors licence but i let it run out a while back.

Here in WI things just got a lot hairier w/r/t asbestos. We must keep cores from EVERY job, must have EVERYTHING tested. When cutting a roof, only certified (40-hour course) may be present.

I’m not a roof mechanic, so I wasn’t forced to attend, but from what I gather it was your basic certification refresher plus 39 hours of thumb-twiddling.

Anybody know if they’re still intent on calling blown perlite an ACM?

Here in IL, as long as you’re not disturbing the asbestos, you dont have to do anything special with it at all. Dont grind it, abrade it, use saws on it, create asbestos dust or other friable fibers, then you can just throw it away.

I just went through a major deal with it contained in concrete asbestos siding.