Sloppy work on roof - sorry it's long...i condensed it once

So I was going to do my own roof, but an injury and too close to rainy season so, I left it to the “professionals.” Now Im regretting it. Below are some things I just saw when I got home and checked progress. It is long, but if you see anything I should actually be concerned with, please advise. Maybe I’m just being overly critical since I have the skills and hate paying for work I could have done otherwise.

Fascia is not put up very well, it has gaps at corners and doesn’t meet smoothly at joints. One piece at an inside corner is about 8" and is smooth side out.
Underlayment is has small patches and does not reach roof edge.
The paper only has 2-2.5" overlap, but they are suppose to double it with tiger paw, and on edges is .5-1" shorter than the underlayment. 2x2 drip edge will be under it, but that seems too short.
On one rack they cut back underlayment about 1/2" further than the fascia board to remove the old one, so now, that edge will not have underlayment over rack to support the drip edge.
Before I accepted the bid, I asked if once the roofing was off if we could pull up some sheets for insulation to be sprayed (3/12 pitch so cant crawl inside) and he said no problem. Came home from work and they had cut three 2x2 holes for the insulators to spray thru (24’x60’ duplex)…a depth paper was left in holes, but getting down and looked beyond the holes showed that the holes and maybe 2’ beyond was sprayed with new insulation. We pulled a board about 3’ away that had a bad spot and no insulation had reached that area. Good thing they hadn’t left. Attic had compacted 1970s blow in at a depth of about 4-5" so it all was suppose to be increased. Im now wondering how much actually got added since they didnt pull sheets like I asked.
Im afraid of how they are going to finish. I feel like I can’t fire them midjob and pointing out problems might piss them off (They already know I will not be home for last two days as they finish). What can I do?

Sounds like a poorly supervised crew. I would be home at all costs. How much are you paying? Will you be fired from work if you stay home?

How much did they add to their proposal for
You asking them to re-insulate your house?
I would have added to the bid significantly.

Thanks, I’m thinking I will need to do that. I work for myself so not fired, but have to recancel a medical appt that might not happen again for couple months. Base quote was $6900 without underlayment repairs and fascia additions (2100 sq roof surface straight gable w 1 chimney on the side).Too bad I won’t get paid for supervising them! .

Showed $300 discount if no insulation, so not that big of a deal other than while the roof is off is only opportunity to have it done. There is virtually no access in crawl space. If you would charge a lot more…would you have at least made sure it was actually done correctly? Im thinking I only got the three areas done (there was one bedroom that needed at least half done and we did get that area I believe).
Thanks for replies

So how bad does it have to get that I could fire the contractor midproject? Would I still need to pay in full so they wouldn’t file a lien? This really sucks. I sure am learning that reviews don’t mean shit. I should have asked to see houses they did, but trusted they knew what they were doing since they had been in business a long time and there were no bad reviews.

So here they agreed to insulate your house
And all they asked for was taking their 300 dollar discount back.
Got it…

No good deed goes unpunished.

In a situation like that we would just cut a few holes for an insulation company to get access to install baffles and insulation. If they only charged 300 dollars you probably got your money’s worth. We would probably charge 300+ just to cut and repair the access holes just because it would slow the whole job down.

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I agree that the $300 is cheap for a little insulation. But that’s not what I asked for. I thought we had come to an agreement, and I’m pretty sure he was charging me more, just that is all he would discount if I decided not to insulate. There was miscommunication. If I had known that only 3 spots would be done, I would not have agreed. I wouldn’t have minded paying more if it had been done the way I thought we had agreed to.

If the roof is not finished best thing to do world be have then cut a few up near the ridge and get an insulation contractor in there. With the right equipment a good insulator should be able to get a guy in a few spots and get proper coverage throughout the whole space. The majority of roofers arnt properly equipped and experienced to insulate you house.

If you needed them to remove decking for insulation access this should have been settled before they even started because this is going to effect the way they approach the job.

When I remove decking for insulation access I meet with the insulator before we start and ask him what needs to be removed so he can do his job.

You want to avoid making them crawl around on their belly especially if they are spraying foam.

For most roofing companies removing decking and waiting until the insulators are done is a major setback because it all has to be put back together and dried in before they leave for the day.

If unprepared they will be standing there with a full crew and little or nothing to do.

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Yep, There is no
Let’s tear off the roof and then
“Let me do this insulate the house real quick”
“While it is open.”

Are you kidding me?
Now you have possibly cut your profit in Half
Because now you have maybe doubled your amount of time on the property.

The guy is doing it for free,
Profit significantly took a hit.
300 dollars didnt even come close to cover his labor and material.
He LOST money and lost at least a half day of time.
Which cost him dearly.
Instead of a thankyou, a tip, a great review
Homeowner doesnt appreciate a single ounce of it and wants to fire him And hinted toward giving a bad review

This is what I thought we had agreed upon. Pull up every 2nd or 3rd sheet along ridge as they were 2 ft strips (I think 3 sheets max on one side would have sufficed). He said it would be no problem. (this must be where I misunderstood…I assume that “no problem” is agreeing on what was just discussed). His bid was about $900 higher than next one that I would even consider, so assumed again, that part might have been the insulation, and the $300 discount on the bid was just to cover subcontracting the insulator to come out. Most the other roofers didn’t want to insulate it, saying with white shingles it was not needed, and that was fine. Their prices were lower.
See below of what crew did and insulator did. With even three or four 2x8 sheets removed, his crew could work on the whole other side of the roof while waiting for insulation to arrive and be blown. As noted before 14ft x 66ft each side of simple gable.

Wow, not sure where most that came from. I guess I didn’t explain myself very well. His crew spent maybe 5 minutes cutting 1 hole 2’x2’ plus the two that were already there from the attic vents. Then they moved on to other work. An insulator came later and sprayed what he could. I AGREE that was maybe worth $300 his costs, but without doing the whole house, it doesn’t do me a lot of good if there are still bad spots over majority. Why even bother. (Its like a little like me saying I will change your oil in your car, but because your hood latch was stuck, I only washed and waxed it…are you going to thank me, tip, great review?) His estimate was $900 over the next bid that wasn’t doing insulation, but similar materials, so I assumed he would do what we had discussed, and I assumed we had agreed to. It was on the contract that insulation would be brought up to R38 where there was at least 2 ft clearance. Does that mean, only where there is 2 ft holes cut? I thought it meant where the attic clearance was at least 2ft high and not where it got really tight near the eaves.
The insulation was never a firing point. But I asked how bad does it need to get to fire a contractor, and didnt get an answer to that, only whining that I’m a jerk owner trying to rip off the contractor. I didn’t say I was going to fire him. But stuff was adding up and I wanted to know when enough is enough.
So some of the list: fascia placed both rough AND smooth sides out, splices under 24" (code is 48" I believe, 3 rafters) and crooked, fascia corners both 45 and butt joints (same exact angles of rake), patches in underlayment 2’x2’, and smaller (Contractor said code allowed 13" strips; as far as I knew it is 2ft min, with 8’ sq min. and to remove old fascia they cut out, then patched some 8 inch strips of underlayment, and a 3" strip over back rack), splices for rotten fascia replaced with over-size/wide pieces instead of ripping it (I went back and removed and ripped to make it match). So it’s not one thing.

Great review?..Are you kidding me?
I will thank him, and thought about tipping the crew as they were great.

Its all about communication. I guess it must be me because neither he nor you seemed to understand what I was asking.

roof_lover, it sounds like you have been screwed by homeowners so now they all are A.H.'s and have no right questioning workmanship? I’m at a loss. But thank you for your viewpoint.

So happy it turned out Ok.
Sounds like the roof turned out looking attractive.
Sorry i came on a little strong.

No problem.
Was just looking for guidance before it had a chance to go south.

So last night, one of the guys was trying to finish up, still had about a 25x15 ft triangle to go…was shingled at a diagonal, starter from corner and angled up each layer. Just before 5am it started raining and has just not stopped an hour later. They put TigerPaw over 15# felt, which I assume will dry by this afternoon, but what about under those shingles that were down with nothing to prevent water from running underneath? I havent been up, buy highly doubt he tarped it.
I’m also concerned water got under some of the jacks.

I know most the water would have run off, but what about all the holes under the shingles from nails? Not worried about dripping in attic so much, as that would dry, but they used really crappy 5/8 OSB to patch that might not fair well from a slow leak for over an hour.

What should I look for and precautions before they continue roofing this morning?
BTW, contractor has never been on the roof, crew said he never does.

This is not something to be concerned about.


Tigerpaw over felt.
That is a great spec!
I love it!

5/8 osb?? That is awesome too!!

The roof gets wet every night even without rain.
No problem at all with tigerpaw.
Shingle right away as soon as day break.

Thanks all!
Inspector is due soon. I’m just looking up air ventilation as they told me something different than what they did.