Slow Drip in Bathroom near Ceiling Light Fixture

Over the weekend it rained here in Michigan and we noticed a drip coming from the ceiling near a light fixture. I poked my head into the attic and took a few pictures (not sure how to post them), but what I see is that there is some water damage around the vent that runs to the chimney. Looks like a dryer vent. The roof is over 15 years old and should probably be replaced but I was hoping that I could just repair that leak and then worry about replacement later. Do you have any suggestions? It’s a ranch home and like I said the roof is over 15 years old and doesn’t look bad at a glance but I assume it has seen better days. I think it has something to do with a flashing around the chimney or the mortar. If I figure out how to post a picture, then I will do so.

Vent that runs to the chimney?? :?: Do you have a wood burning stove or something?

At any rate, go to or comparable site to upload your photos, then post them because they would certainly help. As for your question, your leak can probably be repaired depending on what it is and how bad it is, but seeing the problem would go far in us being able to tell you what to do to repair the problem.

99.9% sure it will be your chimney flashing. almost all leaks come from a flashing or a penetration in the roof. you probably will get by alright with a repair probably reflash the chimney. just dont let anyone get up there with caulk or tar. it will only last for a little bit. probably not a do it yourself job.

Cerberus, that was funny. I guess you figured out that I have no idea what I am talking about. Anyway, I took your advice and I have the photos on the website you gave. Thanks because I never knew that existed.

Hope my pics work. You’ll see that vent I’m talking about as well. LOL!

I would have to see the roofs outside picture to be able to tell you more. Might be a bathroom vent that has gone bad. Hard to tell with the inside pictures.

That looks like it may be a dryer vent, only you can confirm since it is your house. Anyway, I’d say you probably have a flashing that has failed, or you have a hole/crack in the shingles above the roof penetration and the water is coming in around the penetration. You said your roof is only 15 years old, so I doubt it is time to replace the roof quite yet, but it is always possible.

Do you have any outside photos of the vent and shingles?

That worked wonderfully. Here is a look at the outside.

Hope these help. I don’t have a picture of the roof but a guy came by today and said that my roof is bad and needed to be redone completely. Now, if you look at the roof, there is no way you could tell it was damaged. There are no shingles turned up or anything like that. In fact, it looks a little older but not bad at all. I am thinking about getting a few quotes anyway. I am trying to gain knowledge so I can have some knowledge of the job being done. I hate going into anything blind. Thanks for your help!


To be honest the tube looks like it flows into a regular roofing vent. The chimney flashing looks worn but from what i can see i see nothing alarming. Try and get on the roof and get some picturs of that vent and the chimney. that will help but yes you have some type of a leak.

I believe that vent runs right through the chimney. I think! I hate going in that attic so I don’t know for sure but will know within a day or so. Here are two other photos. No shingle photos though. As always, THANKS!

I cant looking at the pic. ATleast from what im seeing but i might be wrong. The hose is close to the top of the roof and the chimney is not close to that

That was my take to the vent appeard to be towards the ridge line and the chimney is at the bottem eave. I don’t thnink the two things are related.

Ok. Then I have no idea what that is. I will see if I can get some photos of the roof. They are predicting rain tomorrow, so by the time I get home, it may be too late for the photos. :frowning:

My fear is to get the roof completely repaired and never become sure where the leak is located.Thus, having the potential of the leak re-occur again, after spending a large sum of money.

I understand that. Thats why im asking for roof photos. I honestly do not think it is your chimney. I would like to help.


Your water leak and the water damage to the wood around your vent may be two different things.

The way that is exhausting it will saturate the plywood.

All the guys here beat me to it. The flex pipe doesn’t appear to be close to the chimney, so I suggest you analyze where the leak is inside again, get your bearings and start all over. I will say the wood deck around the flex pipe does appear to be water damaged, so maybe you are just confused as to where it penetrates the roof.

Also, it is possible if you don’t see the penetration through the roof that someone shingled over the penetration opening. If that is the case, that is not a good thing and the water damage would probably then be caused by condensation if the vent blows hot air from a dryer. Also, if the dryer vent is clogged or blocked, that creates a fire hazard with your dryer. Dryer related fires are among the most common causes of house fires, so if that is your dryer vent you will want to make sure it is clean and clear regardless.

now with pics, i understand better. it is not the chimney flashing (as i was thinking the chimney was above the vent) you either have a leak at the vent. or there is condensation coming from the vent into the attic. either way…replace the vent and make sure when it is replaced it gets flashed into the roof properly. if you decide to have the roof redone, make sure to ask them to include doing this work. if you can post a pic that shows some shingles we can probably tell if you are ready for a new roof.

Forgive me because it appears you guys were right. I do believe it’s the vents on the roof. I don’t know if this is good or bad but last night it rained cats and dogs and there was no leak. That scares me because it’s probably found some other path.

Anyway, I didn’t get on the roof, but I take some pictures of the shingles near the leak and a general view of the roof from the other side of the house. As always, thanks for helping.

General View of roof from the other side of the house. Best I could do!


well it appears your roof is ready for a haircut. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k. dont bother to waste money on the leak. just put the money towards a new roof (which you def. need). just make sure that when they bid the roof they know there is a leak and all your flashings need to be replaced including the chimney.


That is the wrong vents to use for exhausting that pipe.

Your roof is a lot older then 15 years.

Thanks. That’s not so good news but I knew it was going to have to be replaced eventually anyway. :cry: I was thinking about getting blown in insulation as well. Will roof contractors make sure that there is proper ventilation before installing a new roof? If a shower fan is vented into the attic, is that a job roofers do to vent it outside? I would like one company be able to do the whole job and not have to contact a separate person for insulation, venting, etc. I think the one guy quoted $5100 for a 2400-2600sq ft job. I am going to get a few quotes for sure.